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  1. パンデイロ - Wikipedia
    パンデイロ(ポルトガル語:pandeiro)は、一般に、サンバやボサノヴァ、ショーロなどで 用いられるブラジル風のタンバリンである。ただしポルトガル語ではタンバリン全般をこう 呼ぶ。なおブラジルには「タンボリン」という楽器もあるが、まったく別の楽器である。パンデイロ
  2. Pandeiro - Wikipedia
    The pandeiro is a type of hand frame drum popular in Brazil to the point that it has been described as the unofficial instrument of that nation, and is mentioned in the song, "Aquarela do Brasil." The pandeiro is used in a number of Brazilian ...
  3. - Handmade Pandeiros
    Online Shop for Pandeiros and Brazilian percussion instruments as well as accessories and teaching material. Percussion, bags & heads.
  4. Samba for pandeiro - YouTube
    basic techniques for playing samba on pandeiro.
  5. Pandeiro Lesson - Brazilian Tambourine - YouTube
    Check out more at This is a basic lesson on the Panderio, the ...
  6. Pandeiro - YouTube
    Pandeiro by paul mindy Uma bela obra, um belo violão MAS SACA SO ESSE PANDEIRO!!!
  7. Pearl Brazilian Percussion - 10" Pandeiro - YouTube
    Pearl Percussionist Rafael Pereira demonstrates the new Brazilian line of instruments.
  8. How to Play Pandeiro (Samba Style) For Absolute Beginners with ...
    The Pandeiro is a tambourine-style frame drum popular in Brazil. Traditionally held in the left ...
  9. The Brazilian instruments: the pandeiro - Marc de Douvan
    Presentation: The pandeiro is a single goat or plastic skin hand drum, with a cylindrical wooden or formica shell, very shallow but quite large (sometimes called "frame", from 8 to 12 " diameter) with holes receiving steel or copper " cymbalettes".
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