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  1. How SAFE ARRAY differs from normal array? - EQuestionAnswers
    The fFeatures field describes what type of data is stored in the SAFEARRAY and how the array is allocated. This allows freeing the array without referencing its containing variant. Thread Safety All public static members of the SAFEARRAY ...
  2. its55 lab » BYTEの配列データをVARIANTSAFEARRAY ...
    VARIANTにデータを設定するのはいつもついつい調べ直してしまいます。今回は、 BYTE型のデータをSAFEARRAY型に流し込む方法。調べ直していたところ、ORiN協議 会◇技術解説の説明がとてもわかりやすかったので、うれしさついでに関数化してみ ました。
  3. Article 5. The Safe OLE Way of Handling Arrays
    When you destroy an array of BSTRs, VARIANTs, or objects with SafeArrayDestroy, BSTRs and VARIANTs are freed and objects are released. Example: // Create a new 1-D array of Integers. SAFEARRAY * psaiNew ...
  4. comtypes/ at master · enthought/comtypes · GitHub
    This is THE PUBLIC function: the gateway to the SAFEARRAY functionality. ..... the safearray.""" from comtypes.automation import VARIANT. # XXX Not sure this is true: # For VT_UNKNOWN and VT_DISPATCH, we should retrieve the.
  5. contrib/ImageMagickObject.idl at master · ImageMagick/contrib ...
    [id(2), helpstring("method Add"), vararg] HRESULT Add([in,out] SAFEARRAY( VARIANT) *pArrayVar, [out, retval] VARIANT *pVar2);. [id(3), helpstring("method Remove")] HRESULT Remove([in] VARIANT varIndex);. [id(4), helpstring(" method ...
  6. COMプログラミング
  7. Pass safearray(variant) using Matlab - API - Object Model - AGI Forum
    I understand I must pass a SafeArray(Variant), but am unable to implement. at = scen.Children.New('eAreaTarget','map1'); ct = at.CommonTasks; coords = [-4.4, 1.67; .......]; ct.SetAreaTypePattern(coords); What am I missing?
  8. Supported COM data types, and their Java Equivalents - Oracle Docs
    This means that COM Variants map onto Objects (java.lang.Long ... and Variants containing arrays map onto Java arrays. .... [in, out] or [out] Variant*. java.lang. Object[] single element array. Variant. VARIANT*. [in] SAFEARRAY(unsigned char).
  9. SafeArray(OraCollection)プロパティ - Oracle Docs
    SafeArray(OraCollection)プロパティ. 適用対象. OraCollectionオブジェクト. 説明. VariantSAFEARRAY の要素の値を取得または設定します。 使用方法 SafeArray = OraCollection.SafeArrayOraCollection.SafeArray = SafeArray. 引数 ...
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