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  1. AT Attachment 8 - ATA/ATAPI Command Set - T13
    IDENTIFY DEVICE. ICRC for SATA has no provision to report a CRC error on one block commands or the last block of the command. 19) Made changes requested at meeting held 21-24 Feb. 20) Added minor revision for ...
  2. ATA Command Set - 4 (ACS-4) -
    Identify data form factor additions. 18 f14118r0. 02. Remove ATAPI from ACS-4. 19 f14119r1. 02a. Device signature for Host Managed Zoned Device. 20 f14120r1. 02a. IDENTIFY DEVICE data word 53 PATA/SATA/… cleanup.
  3. SATA 101 – Part 1 - STB Suite
    The IDENTIFY command. The most basic command in dealing with SATA drives is the IDENTIFY command. It is used to read the current settings of the drive under test.
  4. How to Tell IDE from SATA Hard Drive - ReclaiMe File Recovery
    Need to tell IDE (Parallel ATA) from SATA (Serial ATA) hard drive? Just look at the hard drive connectors as shown in the illustrations.
  5. How To Identify Which Type Hard Drive You Have - YouTube - Find out if you have a SATA hard drive, IDE or ...
  6. Naraeon SSD Tools internals – 6. Identify SATA devices | Naraeon
    Last time, I introduced ATAPI command standard, ACS-3. I said about some definitions and introduced how we can issue a command to SATA devices. In this time, we would see implementation to issue identify device ...
  7. Serial ATA - Wikipedia
    Required Link Power Management, reduces overall system power demand of several SATA devices. Hardware Control Features, enable host identification of device capabilities. Universal Storage Module (USM), a new standard for cableless ...
  8. libATA Developer's Guide
    ... atapi_cmd_type — Determine ATAPI command type from SCSI opcode; ata_tf_to_fis — Convert ATA taskfile to SATA FIS ... ata_id_xfermask — Compute xfermask from the given IDENTIFY data; ata_pio_need_iordy — check if iordy needed ...
  9. Identifying the SATA Ports on Your Desktop Board - Intel
    Shows where the Serial ATA (SATA) ports are on your Intel® desktop board.
  10. How can I identify the protocol used in hard disk? - Stack Overflow
    As you have mentioned in comments to user3588161's answer , you are having SATA and SAS disk attached to the same SAS controller, so I'd suggest to use the smartctl command! The smartctl command act as a control and ...
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