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  1. SiS 655FX Chipset | HotHardware
    Intoducing the SiS655FX Chipset An Overview of Functionality and Performance By: Jeff Bouton October 2, 2003 By now you all know the drill.
  2. New SIS Chipset Addresses DDR2-667 Memory - ExtremeTech
    Silicon Integrated Systems Inc. on Monday announced its first PCI Express chipsets, which support DDR-2 memories at speeds up to 667-MHz, the company said. SIS introduced the SiS656, a chipset for the Pentium 4, which ... > Home > Extreme
  3. SiS chipset 486 datasheet & applicatoin notes - Datasheet Archive
    SiS chipset 486 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.
  4. Silicon Integrated Systems(SiS) - Milestones
    SiS released new SiS662 Northbridge chipsets, team up with Intel P4 platform. Feb. Announced the setting up of Module Division. 2005. Nov. Announced SiS multimedia chipset in Xbox 360, entering consuming electronics market. Feb.
  5. SiS 746FX Chipset (Page 1/7) :: Articles ::®
    On the AMD Socket-A front, SiS has showed that it's possible to build low-cost chipsets when they first introduced the one chip solution, which is the 735 chipset . However, their subsequent SiS 745 and 746 chipsets were less ...
  6. SiS 645 chipset with DDR SDRAM PC2100/2700 support for Intel ...
    If earlier SiS chipsets were just average solutions for cheap office computers, now we have highly efficient chipsets for home and multimedia PCs. And today we are going to examine a comparatively new product - SiS 645 chipset with ...
  7. Shuttle * Products * Mainboards * Socket 478 * SiS-Chipset * MS51 ...
    Shuttle - Shuttle * Products * Mainboards * Socket 478 * SiS-Chipset * MS51/N * Specification.
  8. SiS chipset supports Intel Atom processors, adopted in new Dell thin ...
    Silicon Integrated System (SiS) has announced that its SiSM671/968/307DV chipset can support the Intel Atom 230 series CPUs and has already been adopted by Dell's OptiPlex FX160 thin-client PC.
  9. SiS 5600/5595 - Slot 1 Chipset Comparison | Tom's Hardware
    The new Slot-1 chipset from SiS consists of the north bridge 5600 in a BGA package and the south bridge 5595. A single chip solution would have been even cheaper, but it seems as if this isn't possible yet. Let's take a look at ...,9...
  10. SIS Mirage 3+ 672MX - Tech
    2020年5月27日 ... chipset. Sometimes the graphics card for laptops is also called "SIS M672 integrated". The graphics core is capable of DirectX 9 and therefore Windows Vista Premium certified ...
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