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  1. Defined Class Codes | USB-IF -
    That terminology is not used in the USB Specification). There are two places on a device where class code information can be placed.One place is in the Device Descriptor, and the other is in Interface Descriptors ...
  2. USB Device Classes - Developer Help
    That terminology is not used in the USB specification). There are two places on a device where class code information can be placed. One is in the Device Descriptor, and the other is in the Interface Descriptors. Some defined class codes are ...
  3. Standard USB Identifiers - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
    When a new USB device is plugged in, the system-supplied USB hub driver composes the following device ID ... device class code, subclass code, and protocol code are determined by the bDeviceClass, bDeviceSubClass, ... > ... > Install
  4. USB device class drivers included in Windows - Microsoft Docs
    Those classes and their specifications are defined by the USB-IF. Each device class is identified by USB-IF approved class, subclass, and protocol codes, all of which are provided by the IHV in device descriptors in ...
  5. USB communications device class - Wikipedia
    USB communications device class (or USB CDC class) is a composite Universal Serial Bus device class. The communications device class is used for computer networking devices akin to a network card, providing an interface for transmitting  ...
  6. ユニバーサル・シリアル・バス - Wikipedia
    ユニバーサル・シリアル・バス(英: Universal Serial Bus、略称:USB、ユーエスビー)は 、コンピュータ等の情報機器に周辺機器を接続するためのシリアル ... USBデバイスの 製造にあたっては製造者を識別するためのベンダーIDの申請を行う必要があるものの、 特許使用料は無料とされている。 ... HDDなどを接続するとHigh-Speedモードでも Mass Storageクラス準拠では転送速度がボトルネックとなる場合があるため、転送方法 の工夫 ...ユニバーサル・シリアル・バス
  7. USB/Class/Class番号の詳細 - SyncHack
    Descriptor 情報の bDeviceClass、bDeviceSubClass、bDeviceProtocol で定義され ている Class 仕様について纏めてみました。 Defined 1.0 Class Codes ( と 各 Device Class 仕様書 ( を参考にしました。 ↑ ...番号の詳細
  8. USB Device Classes - The USB ID Repository - Stephen J. Gowdy
    Id · Name, Note. 00, (Defined at Interface level). 01, Audio. 02, Communications. 03, Human Interface Device. 05, Physical Interface Device. 06, Imaging. 07, Printer. 08, Mass Storage. 09, Hub. 0a, CDC Data. 0b, Chip/SmartCard. 0d, Content ...
  9. USB in a NutShell - Chapter 5 - USB Descriptors - Beyondlogic
    Details the USB descriptors including the Device, Configuration, Interface, Endpoint and String Descriptors. ... The bDeviceClass, bDeviceSubClass and bDeviceProtocol are used by the operating system to find a class driver for your device. Typically only the bDeviceClass is set ... The Vendor ID is assigned by the USB-IF.
  10. The USB ID Repository -
    The home of the usb.ids file. This is a public repository of all known ID's used in USB devices: ID's of vendors, devices, subsystems and device classes. It is used in various programs (e.g., The USB Utilities) to display full human-readable ...
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