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  1. Configuring USB support - Citrix Docs
    2019年3月19日 ... USB devices connected to a hub can be remote, but the hub itself cannot be remote. ... Mass Storage (Class 08) is not applicable to XenApp because these devices are not available for remoting in XenApp using USB support.
  2. Vaunix LPH-204B USB Hub
    Specially designed for USB super users, this 4-Port High Powered USB Hub Lab Brick delivers clean, highly regulated ... Being portable, USB powered and hand- held, these high powered hubs They're a top rated, best-in-class design and are  ... > Home > USB Hubs > LPH-204B
  3. USB 3.0 - Texas Instruments
    The TUSB8040AEVM board is a free-standing reference design for a four-port SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) hub. ... is required to enable the device. The board will work with any operating system that has USB hub class support built in. > TI Home > Semiconductors
  4. RX62N USBホストでのUSBハブ使用 - 102: RX - Forum - かふぇルネ ...
    RSK for RX62Nでルネサス様のUSBホストCDCクラスサンプルドライバ( an_r01an0275jj0230_usb)の動作を評価して ... このサンプルドライバはUSBハブを1 段まで使用可能とのことですので、次のステップとしてサンプルアプリをハブ対応 ...
  5. BB-UHR207 - Rugged 7-port USB Hub (USB cable included ...
    The UHR207 is a seven-port, industrial grade, non-isolated USB hub. It is designed and tested to meet heavy industrial EMC standards and is UL listed for Class1/Division2 hazardous locations allowing operation where standard office- grade ... > ... > USB Hubs
  6. CY7C65640A, TetraHub™ High-Speed USB Hub Controller
    by a system software USB Hub class request. Blinking of the. LEDs is supported in manual mode. The port indicators enable the user to intervene on any error detection. For example, when babble is detected on plugging in a ...
  7. 現代PCの基礎知識(7):仕様書を紐解くとわかる―本当はややこしいUSB ...
    小電力のデバイスであればACアダプタや電池などを使わず、ホストあるいはUSBハブ からの電源供給で動作できるため、 .... USB 3.1仕様の本体にはデバイスクラス についての具体的な言及はなく、別途デバイスクラス仕様としてUSB-IFより ...
  8. Overview of USB Devices - Oracle Docs
    Devices connect to USB ports on external USB hubs, or on a root hub that is located on the computer itself. Since hubs have ... The Human Interface Device ( HID) class contains devices that are user-controlled such as the following devices:.
  9. USB class 9 - USB HUB Devices - X-Ample Technology
    Below an overview of some external and internal HUBs that have been reported to work well with the IYONIX pc and RISC OS. Please note that the standard USB interface card in the IYONIX pc (PCI card) contains two HUB ...
  10. USB-HUB16SV【ポケットUSBハブ(4ポート)】世界最小コンパクトクラス(4 ...
    USB-HUB16SV【ポケットUSBハブ(4ポート)】世界最小コンパクトクラス(4ポートセルフ パワーハブで)。超小型ACアダプタだからジャマになりません。
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