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  1. VBScriptで、IrfanViewのバッチジョブを走らせる | とまて日記/ミラー
    IrfanViewでトリミングをする際は、切り取る枠の左上の座標と、幅・高さをピクセルで 指定する。その計算の為、写真の幅と高さを取得する必要がある。そのためには、 VBScriptでLoadPicture()を利用するのが簡単。よって、VBScriptでツールを ...
  2. Resizing (multiple) images with IrfanView and VBScript on Windows ...
    I've just created a VBScript ( Visual Basic Script ) on windows to help me automatize the process of resizing images, without having to do each photo manually. If you want to test this little tools, be sure to download IrfanView ...
  3. Resizing (multiple) images with IrfanView and VBScript ... - YouTube
    Resizing (multiple) images with IrfanView and VBScript on Windows Code here: http ...
  4. Batch files and Scripts [Archive] - IrfanView Support Forum
    Over the years I have seen a number of Batch files (.bat) and Scripts (.vbs , .js , etc) posted for use with Irfanview. Most have been posted as replies to Support or Feature requests, so are difficult to find again even if they are ... > ... > Plugins and Add- Ons
  5. Automated Script for photos & printing - Direction / Comments ...
    This is the script that i'm using for, this runs great however i have to manually drag folder with 3 image onto the *.vbs: dim shell, fso Dim f, folderlist, item, File(4) , process, panout, Irfanview, Appcall Dim mask, test, dot, extn, ...
  6. VBS Script - Printing all Images in a Folder - Geeks Hangout
    If like me you are printing a multi page tif or pdf and find that IrfanView with the / slient switch only prints the first page you need to print one image though the GUI first there is a little option on the print window to print all page the default is only ...
  7. 10 Useful Command-Line IrfanView Tools For Working With Images
    These days, screenshot applications are a dime a dozen, and you can do image editing offline, online and even on your phone. So what's a new way that you can make use of image editing or screenshot tools that goes ... > ... > Internet
  8. Fun with IrfanView - WordPerfect Universe
    This example shows how to use a wp macro to copy a rectangular area from your screen using IrfanView. ... Kenneth Hobson, February 27, 2010 //Concepts for this macro, PasteGraphics.vbs and PasteOneGraphic.wcm are in: ...
  9. VBA - Irfanview - Resize Images | DEVelopers HUT
    Sample database which illustrates how you can utilize Irfanview through VBA to resize images automatically.
  10. Create a Slide Show with VBScript - Eric Phelps
    Using VBScript to resize pictures, create thumbnails, make a slide show, and make a thumbnail page. ... If you don't have a favorite, I'd like to recommend IrfanView and XNView. They're both free and can "batch convert" groups of files.
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