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  1. in VMWare Player - WANEM - The Wide Area Network Emulator
    Click on 'OPEN' inside VMWare player and browse to 'WANem v2.1' folder. Select WANem (.vmx) and ... To the VMware player window you get a Knoppix screen with a prompt in the bottom left called “boot:” Just press “Enter”. (Pls Note - The ...
  2. How to launch ISO and use LiveCDs inside VMware Player ...
    VMware Player can be used to run any precreated virtual machine by VMware Workstation, GSX Server and ESX Server (and even Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server VMs). But how to run a LiveCD Linux (like Knoppix), ...
  3. How-to: VMware Player Modification | Hackaday
    Last week the free VMware player was released. It lets you run virtual machines, but not create them. [Faileas] contributed today's how-to for creating your own virtual machines. Programs required to carry out hack: Copy of ...
  4. Using Virtual Machines to provide a secure ... -
    VMWare Player, for instance, prevents the user from changing the network configuration. Part of an effective student policy will dictate that exercises involving dangerous programs should be prevented from affecting the rest of the network.
  5. VMWare Player」単体では、共有フォルダを利用することは出来ない ...
    先日、自分のPCのWindowsXP上に「VMWare Player(2.0.2 Build-59824)」を インストールしまして、そこでKNOPPIXをISOイメージから起動して使用していたんです が、ホストOSとファイルのやり取りが必要になりました。 やり取り自体はsamba ... > ZDNet Japan > OS > 製品解説
  6. Knoppix live Linux CD - Dedoimedo
    ... on your PC? You do not even like the prospect of experimenting with a virtualization product like VMware Player? Knoppix is the answer for you. Just place the CD in the tray, close it, reboot, and start playing with Linux.
  7. VMware+KnoppixによるCコンパイル
    そこで、フリーウエアであるVMware PlayerとKnoppixを使ってCコンパイル環境を構築 することにしました。 【重要】各人はc:\winapp\からmath2006vmフォルダを自分の フォルダ(USERS/####/)にコピーして、その場所から仮想マシンを開いてください。 準備 .
  8. Knoppix - Wikipedia
    KNOPPIX is an operating system based on Debian designed to be run directly from a CD / DVD (Live CD) or a USB flash drive (Live USB), one ... community. KnoppiXMAME, designed for playing MAME videogames; PelicanHPC for clustering; TechUSB an automated computer distro produced by RepairTech, Inc. ... VMKnoppix, VM tools, 5.3.1 Xen3.2.1, 27 August 2008; 11 years ago (2008-08- 27).
  9. How To Convert A Xen Virtual Machine To VMware - HowtoForge
    VMware Converter; Knoppix LiveCD or the distribution's first CD. Xen -> VMware VM Migration Steps (Kernel Step). The kernel on the ... > ... > Home
  10. VMware PlayerでKnoppixを起動してみた -
    knoppix.vmxの ide1:0.fileName の行を適切に書き換える。 isoファイルとknoppix. vmxを同じディレクトリにおき、 knoppix.vmxをダブルクリックすると起動する。 CD イメージは /dev/ ...
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