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  1. ジョンベン - Wikipedia
    ジョンベンジョン・ヴェン、John Venn FRS1834年8月4日 - 1923年4月4日)は、 イギリスの論理学者・哲学者。ベン図の考案者として知られ、その成果は集合論、確率、 論理学、統計学、計算機科学をはじめ、様々な分野で利用されている。 ジョンベンの ...ジョンベン
  2. John Venn - Wikipedia
    John Venn, FRS, FSA, (4 August 1834 – 4 April 1923) was an English mathematician, logician and philosopher noted for introducing the Venn diagram, used in the fields of set theory, probability, logic, statistics, competition math, and  ...
  3. John Venn - Mathematician - Biography
    2019年5月14日 ... offers a look at John Venn, who developed George Boole's symbolic logic, and Venn diagrams, which represent the relations between sets.
  4. John Venn (1834-1923) - MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
    John Venn's mother, Martha Sykes, came from Swanland near Hull and died while he was still quite a young boy. His father was the Rev Henry Venn who, at the time of John's birth, was the rector of the parish of Drypool, near Hull. The Rev  ...
  5. John Venn | English logician and philosopher | Britannica
    John Venn, English logician and philosopher best known as the inventor of diagrams—known as Venn diagrams—for representing categorical propositions and testing the validity of categorical syllogisms. He also made important ...
  6. John Venn | Famous Mathematicians
    Early Life. John Venn was a British mathematician and philosopher born on 4th August 1834 in Hull, Yorkshire. His mother died when he was only three years of age. His father, who was the rector of parish of Drypool, was from a distinguished  ...
  7. John Venn - New World Encyclopedia
    John Venn was born to a prominent Anglican family; his father and grandfather were both rectors in the Anglican Church. A few years after graduating from Cambridge, Venn was also ordained a priest and served in several ...
  8. John Venn Biography - Logic & Mathematics History - TeacherVision
    Explore connections in mathematics and history with this article on John Venn.
  9. Venn, John |
    2019年9月19日 ... VENN, JOHN. (b. Hull, England, 4 August 1834; d. Cambridge, England, 4 April 1923). probability, logic. Venn's family was one of a group belonging to the evangelical wing of the Church of England that was noted for its ...
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