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  1. External Video Overlay Unit | Fathom Systems
    Fathom Systems offer the X-BoB single channel video overlay unit for use with control system packages. This is an affordable stand-alone optional 'add on' to systems including the iVP Torque Tool Controller whereby the operator can simply ...
  2. HD Video Overlay Device, HD-SDI, HDMI OSD | Proteus - VideoLogix
    2018年8月1日 ... Proteus is a powerful and feature-rich high definition HD video overlay device. ... Micro Radar Altimeter; APOS for HIPAP system HPR400; WinFrog Navigation; Any quadrature encoders; Any Analog voltage or 4-20ma sensor ...
  3. Data Overlay Video-Logger Systems - Stack Ltd
    The Stack VCR Video-logger transforms your in-car video system into a powerful data logging system without the need for a PC! ... racecars; sportscars; performance cars; off-road vehicles; off-highway instrumentation and monitoring; training. > ... > Video Solutions
  4. Vigra Video Overlay - Options AS
    Also HD-SDI available on certain systems. Both PAL and NTSC versions ( software configurable); Use standard PC keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor for overlay configuration. Interfacing to external data through serial ports, network TCP/IP ...
  5. How To Enable Performance Monitoring Overlay In PC Games ...
    2018年7月6日 ... Ever wondered how we get monitor PC Performance while gaming and wanted to do it ...
  6. Overlay - Abyssal
    It offers an intuitive and totally configurable HD Digital Video Overlay that superimposes telemetry, text and graphics on ... user-friendly Media Manager for screenshot and image management and a complete Digital Video Recorder system. ... DVR allows you to record up to 4 monitors, directly into the connected SSD Disks.
  7. Easy way to integrate your POS systems to surveillance video ...
    2017年12月11日 ... Using a Video Text Inserter is one way to integrate point-of-sale (POS) systems to surveillance video. But text overlay is not an ideal solution for a number of reasons: it blocks the video screen, making it difficult to see what's ... > Home > Resources
  8. From POS Text Overlay to Integrated Video Analytics | Solink
    2017年12月11日 ... Transaction integration has evolved from a simple POS text overlay to intelligent video analytics that helps you ... Reporting make your POS system intelligent, imagine what would happen if your surveillance video was also ... > Home > Resources
  9. Software to monitor Temp and usage CPU cores and GPU in-game ...
    Hello,I am looking for a very specific software to monitor the temperature and % usage of all the 4 cores or my CPU and my GPU, visible in an overlay in-game.I found it on a video, the game itself is... > Forum > CPUs
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