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Windows mobile GPS C# で検索した結果 1~10件目 / 約2,160,000件 - 0.38秒


  1. How to work with GPS in Windows-mobile using C# - Stack Overflow
    This series of articles on CodeProject might help: Writing Your Own GPS Applications: Part I · Writing Your Own GPS Applications: Part 2 · Writing GIS and Mapping Software for .NET. The author of the components used in these articles is ...
  2. How to access GPS in Windows Mobile devices - HighOnCoding
    GPS's are popular systems in the tech world and Microsoft has provided a GPS API for windows mobile developers. This article will show how ... Net compact framework. SO here I'm going to talk about how we can get a place map within a windows mobile device. ... information technologies.Since i loves windows mobile technology design and implementation business applications which is ...
  3. GPSTracka - GPS Logging Application for Windows Mobile - CodePlex
    A lightweight GPS logging application for Windows Mobile 6. Logs to a GPX or KML file which can then be used to geotag your photos or imported into other applications. Created using C#, .NET Compact Framework and the Windows Mobile ...
  4. Windows.Devices.Geolocation Namespace - Windows UWP ...
    The Windows.Devices.Geolocation API provides the most appropriate geolocation data from all available sources. ... The latitude and longitude may vary within the following ranges: GPS : within approximately 10 meters Wi-Fi : between ... only when: Location for this device... is turned on (not applicable to Windows 10 Mobile) The location services setting, Location, ... UWP. Search ... > ... > UWP > API reference
  5. Track your position using a Windows Mobile 6 device - CodeProject
    Track your geographical position using a Windows Mobile 6 device and some Google Map programming. ... Well, having a mobile phone carrying a GPS and an Internet connection can solve that problem quite easily. > ... > Windows Phone 7/8
  6. A GPS Keep-alive Utility and Tester for Windows Mobile - CodeProject
    The library used in this app is an open source sample provided for free with the Windows Mobile 6 standard SDK. It encapsulates the API hooks, allowing for quick and easy access to the phone's GPS using C# managed code ... > ... > Windows Phone 7/8
  7. gps windows mobile 6.1 free download - SourceForge
    gps windows mobile 6.1 free download. Mobile Atlas Creator This application creates off-line atlases of raster maps for various cell phone apps on Android, iPh . > Home > Browse
  8. GPS Intermediate Driver for Windows Mobile (and getting it to work ...
    The GPS Intermediate Driver is a Windows Mobile DLL providing a GPS API. Instead ... If you want to access it from managed, C# code, the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 SDKs each ship with a sample project which uses the GPS ...
  9. Program a Windows Mobile GPS Device using the Intermediate Driver
    A couple weeks back I was highly influenced by a small-map-based GPS (Global Positioning System) application, developed using C#, targeting windows mobile devices. Embedded GPS receivers are becoming a standard ...
  10. Get GPS coordinates in Windows Phone 8.1 app - Windows App ...
    If your app needs user's device location to personalize his experience then the first step would be get its GPS coordinates. We are starting a new category of posts for handling location in windows phone 8. This one simply ... > ... > Location
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