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  1. Wintel - ウィキペディア
    Wintel(ウィンテル)とは、米マイクロソフト製のWindowsオペレーティングシステムと、米 インテル製のCPUやチップセットを搭載したコンピュータのことを指す通称である。また、 マイクロソフトとインテルの提携関係のことを言う場合もある(用例:Wintel同盟・ ...
  2. Wintel - Wikipedia
    Wintel is the partnership of Microsoft Windows and Intel producing personal computers using Intel x86-compatible processors running Microsoft Windows. The word Wintel is a portmanteau of Windows and Intel.
  3. [Wintel Engineer] What is Wintel? Definition & Job Description | Field ...
    When PCs or laptops based on the Intel microprocessor run a Microsoft Windows operating system, we generically refer to such architectures as Wintel. People who work in such environments by supporting users and resolving their issues are ...
  4. What is Wintel? - Definition from - SearchWindowsServer
    Wintel is a computer trade industry term for personal computers based on the Intel microprocessor and one of the Windows operating system from Microsoft...
  5. Wintel Is Going. But It's Not Dead Yet | WIRED
    They called it Wintel. For decades, two companies worked side by side to build the very foundation of personal computing. Microsoft built the operating system— Windows—and Intel built the chips. But Wintel is no more. Sure ...
  6. Wintel Server Services - COT
    2019年6月17日 ... A Wintel server is defined as any server class hardware running a Windows Operation System on an Intel or AMD platform. COT offers a number of Wintel Server support services that enable an agency to effectively and ...
  7. What is WinTel? - Definition from Techopedia
    WinTel is slang term that references a PC built with an Intel microprocessor and a Microsoft OS. WinTel's architecture, which remains the dominant desktop and laptop platform, is commonly known as WinTel computing.
  8. What is Wintel? Webopedia Definition
    Refers to the combination of the Windows operating system running on Intel microprocessors.
  9. What does Wintel mean in resumes and job description summaries ...
    Wintel means any Windows operating system running on an Intel x86 architecture. Experience working in a Wintel environment means experience working in a modern desktop Microsoft Windows Operating System, as opposed to other ...
  10. Wintel Administrator Jobs in United States - LinkedIn
    Senior System Administrator - Wintel is responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of... 5 days ago. IT Infrastructure/Windows Administrator CBS. IT Infrastructure/Windows Administrator. CBS.
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