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  1. XI TV Channel 41 Pop Culture!™ Out of Control eBroadcast Party!
    2018年12月14日 ... Sisters of XI Sorority Matron. Millions of Starving People! Millions of People To Eat! XITV Squirts Down Your Throat! The Ultimate Screensavers! "XITV Lets You Play With Your Food!" XITV Pop Culture! Girl Fun From Our ...
  2. Chinese Propaganda Battles Pop Culture for Young Hearts, Minds
    Chinese Propaganda Battles Pop Culture for Young Hearts, Minds ... A magazine featuring Chinese President Xi Jinping with the headline "China becomes strong" is placed next to a magazine .... has demanded that broadcasters “resist celebrity worship” and limit the air time dedicated to film and TV stars.
  3. 2017: the year in pop culture | Culture | The Guardian
    Meanwhile, in popular culture, 2017 started with a similar sense of ambition and optimism, which soon turned into disappointment. ..... Following on from the likes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Broad City, 2017 was the year that TV took a swipe at dating app culture in wry, ..... Eleven's intriguing “sister” Kali was the season's cold open, then vanished utterly as the early episodes ...
  4. Taiwan's pop culture leaps Chinese hurdles - BBC News
    Millions in China watch the Taiwanese variety talk show Kang Xi Lai Le - but not on television. Instead viewers enjoy its no-holds barred episodes, covering everything from celebrity gossip to politics, online or on pirated DVDs ...
  5. Learn Chinese with 5 Taiwanese TV Shows Full of Pop Culture
    2019年2月13日 ... Want to learn Chinese with TV shows but don't know where to start? Here are 5 great Taiwanese dramas that'll do wonders for your language and pop culture cred.
  6. Why can't our TV series be popular abroad? -
    2018年9月28日 ... That Chinese films and TV dramas are being screened outside China and accepted by some foreign audiences is in itself a big success. But the "export" of Chinese pop culture still has a long way to go. As a matter of fact, ...
  7. The Pool - Arts & Culture - The Pop Culture You'll Actually Care ...
    2019年1月11日 ... New film, new TV, old favourites and Mischa Barton in new The Hills. Settle in, says Rachael Sigee – it's going to be a good'un.
  8. Pop Culture Item References: Video Games, Movies, and TV ...
    Blizzard loves putting little easter eggs and pop culture references in World of Warcraft, from Austin Powers (Mr.
  9. China's slick new game show aims to get millennials studying Xi ...
    2018年10月2日 ... Studying Xi in the New Era has taken over the prime-time slot on popular Hunan TV in China as part of the ruling ... country's millennials, who have grown up with more influence from foreign pop culture than orthodox socialist ... > News > China > Politics
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