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  1. Products - Asgard Software Inc.
    The Asgard Connectivity Suite® is a set of ActiveX® controls specifically designed to meet the needs of Unisys® ... Open/A for Unix is a version of the Asgard Software Windows based ODBC driver which runs under the UNIX ... Applets are created on a server and activated by clients utilizing Java enabled browsers.
  2. Security ActiveX components - WeOnlyDo!
    Most commonly it will be used for communicating with Telnet based servers ( running on UNIX OS), but it also allows you to ... wodSSHServer is an ActiveX component that will give you ability to easily add server capabilities to your application.
  3. SecureTransport Web Client Control for Internet Explorer
    ... Control is an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer that can to perform MD5 integrity checks and checkpoint restarts. You enable and configure the SecureTransport Web Client Control on the SecureTransport Edge or SecureTransport Server.
  4. Setting up Stay-On-Top and Browser Controlled with Activex Mode ...
    Stay-on-top functionality is not supported in Macintosh, Unix, or OS/2 environments. Refer to the Info Pak Technical ... NOTE: The Web-loaded ActiveX option executes on a Web server and does not conflict with recent security patches.
  5. Building ActiveX Servers in NI LabWindows™/CVI™ - National ...
    For example, the Microsoft Word ActiveX server contains COM objects to represent a Word document. A COM object is an entity that encapsulates some data ("properties") and implements some functionality ("methods"). > Home > Tutorials
  6. Download Barcode Software: Barcode ActiveX/DLL/.NET/ASP.NET ...
    Download TBarCode Barcode Toolkit: TBarCode OCX (Barcode ActiveX Control) , TBarCode .NET (Bar ... For UNIX®, Linux® or Mac OS X® you can download TBarCode/X! ... SQL Server Reporting Services Windows (0.5 MB), Download.
  7. Time in Reports Is Shown in Unix Time Format - Knowledge Base
    Make sure that ActiveX is enabled in your default browser. This article applies to: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server; Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server - Small Business Server Edition; Acronis Backup & Recovery ...
  8. GO-Global & UNIX | UNIX OS Applications, Anywhere | GraphOn
    UNIX and Linux applications run on a central host along with the GO-Global for UNIX Server software. ... 32-bit color support; ActiveX Control; 168-bit DES encryption; Adaptive GUI; SSL/Proxy Tunneling; Session Reconnect; Desktop X NOT ...
  9. PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX について - ComponentSource
    PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX はクライアントあるいはサーバーでたった1行のコードだけ でファイル転送が利用できます。 ... Build a proxy that downloads Internet files for users on a local network; Upload data files to a UNIX server, execute a task to ...
  10. SFTP File Transfer Protocol - get SFTP client & server -
    Contents. SFTP Port NumberSFTP Client for Windows and MacSFTP Server for Linux, Windows, and MacSCP Command on LinuxSFTP Command on ... OpenSSH - open source server for Linux & Unix ... SmartFTP is an ActiveX component.
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