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  1. Adaptec Driver: ASPI Driver for Windows version 4.71 ... - Adaptec
    Beschreibung: Updated ASPI drivers version 4.71 for Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000 and XP. Includes ASPICHK version checking utility. Changes between v 4.70 and v 4.71: Previous versions of aspi32.sys for Windows 2000 and XP may not ...
  2. Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 - Doom9's Forum
    Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 One click suites for DVD backup and DVD creation.
  3. ASPI for windows 10 64 bit - Windows 10 - MSFN
    2019年7月16日 ... Some skilled person on the internet has made 64-bit compatible drivers to support some of Adaptec's cards under Windows ... ASPI has been historically not supported by MS (and delegated to Adaptec) and SPTI was used:. > ... > Windows 10
  4. Adaptec ASPI driver version 4.70 - Hydrogenaudio Forums
    Adaptec has released ASPI driver version 4.70: At this time Adaptec is allowing the download of this file without regard to ownership of retail Adaptec Products. This ASPI layer is available via a licensing agreement to any ...,1027.0.html
  5. ASPI 4.60 Information - Home Page for
    This page was originally created out of the frustration that version 4.60 of Adaptec's ASPI layer requires a qualifying product in order to load it. Since there were no other versions at the time, Adaptec's ASPI layer was not ...
  6. AdaptecASPI Layer
    Win9x系のOSなら始めから組み込まれているので、普通は特に意識しなくても大丈夫 だったりするのですが、特定のソフトウェアや、ドライブのファームウェアのアップデートに は. AdaptecASPI Layerが必要になってくる場合があります。 ASPI Layerに関して ...
  7. What is ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface)? - Definition ...
    Developed by Adaptec, ASPI has become the industry standard for controlling SCSI devices. The ASPI device driver is the program that actually interacts with the SCSI device. The layering looks something like this: application/utility, ASPI, ...
  8. All about ASPI - Chicken Systems
    Chicken Systems licenses ASPI from Adaptec and makes it available for install on their updaters and demo programs. ... ASPI, short for Adaptec SCSI Protocol Interface, was developed by Adaptec, a leader in SCSI technology, back in the ...
  9. ASPI Drivers - CD Media World
    Adaptec ASPI Check [112 KB] - Adaptec ASPI Drivers. Adaptec ASPI Drivers for Win9x/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP v4.71.2 [501 KB]. Adaptec ASPI Drivers for Win9x/ WinNT/Win2K/WinXP v4.71 [533 KB]. GoldenHawk ASPI Drivers for ...
  10. ASPIの使い方
    ADAPTEC ASPIの使い方 ~ASPIとは?~ ASPIとはソフトウェアとCD/DVDドライブ などの光学式ドライブをつなぐためのものです。 たとえばCD-Rにデータを保存するには 、 CDライティングソフト(B's Recorderなど)→ASPI→CD-R/RWドライブ というような ...
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