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  1. Overview of the Boot.ini File - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
    The Boot.ini file is a text file that contains the boot options for computers with BIOS firmware running NT-based operating system prior to Windows Vista. It is located at the root of the system partition, typically c:\Boot.ini. > ... > Tools for Testing Drivers
  2. How to manually edit the Boot.ini file in a Windows Server 2003 ...
    This screen is based on the information in the Boot.ini file. If you do not select an entry before the counter reaches 0 (zero), Ntldr loads the operating system that is specified by the default ...
  3. Help and information with the file boot.ini - Computer Hope
    2020年3月6日 ... The file boot.ini is a Microsoft initialization file found on the Microsoft Windows NT , Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems. This file is always located on the root directory of the primary hard ... > ... > Microsoft Windows Help
  4. Rebuilding Boot.ini - NeoSmart Technologies
    A file called BOOT.INI stores information regarding the physical location(s) of your various Windows NT-based installations. NTLDR accesses this file to get a list of the installed operating systems and display them in the on-screen boot menu ...
  5. Invalid BOOT.INI file: Fix for Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies
    Get the fix to the boot-time error message "Invalid BOOT.INI file Booting from C:\ Windows\" and other BOOT.INI problems affecting Windows XP. About "Invalid.
  6. BOOT.INI file for Win2000/XP/2003 - The Starman's Realm
    INI Files. A Simple Dual Boot File: [boot loader] timeout=10 default=multi(0)disk ...
  7. Where can I find the boot.ini file on Windows 7? - Super User
    There isn't a boot.ini in Windows 7. You can use msconfig to edit boot option however. Windows 7/Vista has a hidden boot partition, containing the BCD - boot configuration data. Similar to boot.ini but you can't easily edit it like ...
  8. How Do I Edit My Boot.ini File - Windows XP Help and Support
    After successfully deleting the 'other' operating system the menu can still appear causing a slight delay in booting your system. This is because the system (or boot .ini file) still thinks the operating system is available for use. In order to remove ...
  9. NTLDR - Wikipedia
    NTDETECT.COM, required for booting an NT-based OS, detects basic hardware information needed for successful boot. An additional important file is boot.ini, which contains boot configuration (if missing, NTLDR will default to \Windows on the ...
  10. What is the Boot.ini and how do I change it? Microsoft Application ...
    ini file to determine which operating system options to display during the startup ( boot) process. By default, Boot.ini is flagged as a read-only system file and normally does not require any manual modification. An explanation of ... > ... > 4.2 Troubleshooting and Repair
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