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  1. http-cakephp-version NSE Script - Nmap
    Download: User Summary. Obtains the CakePHP version of a web application built with the CakePHP framework by fingerprinting default files shipped with the CakePHP framework.
  2. CakePHP JAPAN - Facebook
    CakePHP JAPAN has 722 members. - CakePHPについての情報交換を主に日本語 で行う公開グループです。 - 「承認ありがとうございます」系の挨拶のみの投稿はしない でください。グループ参加者にとって無益だからです。どうしてもしたい場合は管理者宛 ...
  3. CakePHP 3.8 documentation — DevDocs
    CakePHP 3.8.3 API documentation with instant search, offline support, keyboard shortcuts, mobile version, and more.
  4. cakephp-snippets - Atom
    CakePHP Snippets For Atom. This package adds a collection of snippets for the Atom Editor. For example Find: cakephp find snippet. Links: CakePHP link snippet. Inputs: CakePHP input snippet. And Some More. Feel free to fork this project ...
  5. Setting up CakePHP using CakeEmail with SMTP2GO
    This guide helps to setup your SMTP2GO server as Outgoing SMTP Server in cakePHP Framework. This guide provides a simple script to send an email with both html and text bodies using cakePHP'sCakeEmail. This class replaces the ...
  6. Croogo - The CakePHP powered Content Management System
    Supports PHP 5.3 and 5.4! Freedom to run on almost any server! MySQL and PostgreSql. Compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL. CakePHP. Powered by the very popular CakePHP MVC framework for rapid development.
  7. Mark Story: Posts
    I work at Sentry during the day, and build Stickler CI & CakePHP at night. ... With the release of CakePHP 3.7.0 quickly approaching, I wanted to help validate the release candidates by upgrading a few of my sites and seeing how much work it  ...
  8. CakePHP Hosting – Get Fast-Loading Cloud SSD Hosting with ...
    Enjoy ultra-fast CakePHP hosting that's 100% fully managed, comes with cPanel, backups, migrations and SSL free of charge. We're the most dependable hosting in the industry (proven at HyperSpin) – so you can rest easy.
  9. Why We Love CakePHP, the Workhorse of PHP Frameworks
    2019年4月24日 ... CakePHP makes our work easier; allows us to write fewer codes with better efficiency; it is all about developer happiness. Learn here, why we love CakePHP .
  10. How To Set Up a CakePHP Application with LAMP on Ubuntu 18.04 ...
    2019年2月22日 ... CakePHP is an open-source PHP web framework. In this tutorial, you will deploy an example web application to production with a LAMP stack on Ubuntu 18.04.
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