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  1. CodeIgniter vs. CakePHP -
    CodeIgniter vs. CakePHP. I almost fear putting this kind of post together as it's bound to pull the fanatics (in the negative sense of the word) out of the woodworks. Right off the bat, let me just say that I've tried to be as fair and ...
  2. Deploying your CakePHP applications in production using Docker
    Run CakePHP with Docker and run those containers in production using Cloud 66. Step by step instructions how to use docker and docker-compose with Cloud 66.
  3. Install CakePHP on Ubuntu – Linux Hint
    Install CakePHP on Ubuntu. 2 years ago. by Fahmida Yesmin. Many MVC based PHP frameworks are available now to make web developing tasks simpler and easier than before. In an MVC framework, there are three components which are  ...
  4. CakePHP | DevDungeon
    Virtual Hackerspace and Resources for Software Developers of all Skill Levels.
  5. 10 Biggest Advantages of Using CakePHP - GrayCell Technologies
    CakePHP has been gaining widespread popularity among developers due to its seamless configuration. It is one of the most comprehensive PHP platform, which is highly organized with the perfect collection of elements.
  6. Events in CakePHP 2 - Using the Observer Pattern | Andy Carter
    Introduction to using the observer pattern in CakePHP 2 with its Events System.
  7. CakePHP」に関する記事 - RitoLabo
    CakePHP」に関する記事「CakePHP3でイベントリスナーを用いた処理の実装(& メールやSlackでの通知)」「CakePHP3のトランザクションとtry/catchと例外処理と。」「 CakePHPにAWS SDK for PHPを導入しS3のファイル操作を行う.
  8. Drake :: Drupal-CakePHP bridge |
    Drake is a module for Drupal that lets you execute your CakePHP applications inside Drupal. It provides a bridge between Drupal and CakePHP, allowing your CakePHP applications to be run with or without Drupal, with no ...
  9. cakephp - AUR (en)
    Doesn't seem to be building correctly for me. ==> Starting package()... /tmp/ packerbuild-1000/cakephp/cakephp/PKGBUILD: line 15: cd: /tmp/packerbuild- 1000/cakephp/cakephp/src/cakephp-cakephp-822a1e0: No such file or directory
  10. Profiling CakePHP 3 using Tideways Extension API - Blog | Tideways
    It is the first of many more tutorials, showing how to integrate with libraries and frameworks that are not supported by Tideways out of the box. The result will be custom timespans for CakePHP like this following screenshot ...
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