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  1. CakePHP 2.x QR Code generation and download - Stack Overflow
    The QrCode Helper you've used probably isn't really a good fit for what you need. Helpers are meant to help with views - which it's doing correctly but in this instance you want/need to use the helper within the controller, which ...
  2. muxe / cakePHP-QR-Code-Helper - Packages
    packages · muxe · cakePHP-QR-Code-Helper. A simple helper to display QR Codes using the google chart api. Repo Url, QR-Code-Helper. Clone Url: Watchers, 44. Issues, 1. Forks, 25. Last Pushed At ...
  3. shama/qr: A simple helper to display QR Codes using the ... - GitHub
    ... home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. A simple helper to display QR Codes using the google chart api…
  4. CakePHP3でQRコードを作成、表示するライブラリ「cakePHP-QR-Code ...
    2019年4月19日 ... CakePHPでQRコードを生成するライブラリ「cakePHP-QR-Code-Helper」の紹介。GD ライブラリのインストールも必要ないHelperとして提供されているため、ファイルを設置 すればすぐに使用可能。画像サイズ、マージン、誤り. > ホーム > CakePHP 2.x 3.x
  5. QRコード作成ライブラリ「cakePHP-QR-Code-Helper」をPHPで使う ...
    2019年4月20日 ... CakePHP2用のQRコード作成ライブラリ「cakePHP-QR-Code-Helper」をプレーンの PHPでも使うためのカスタマイズ方法を解説。画像作成ライブラリなどをインストール する必要もなく、1ファイルを設置するだけでQRコードが作. > ... > PHP・Smarty・ECCUBE
  6. [CakePHP] A slightly modified QRcode Helper at SANIsoft
    I was working on a project where I needed a helper to create QRcode by various methods. After searching I found a good CakePHP QRcode Helper by Max Dörfler which helped me a lot but few functions were still missing in ...
  7. QR Code - CakePHP Sandbox App - DerEuroMark
    Tools Examples; Index · Password (create account) · Password Edit (edit account ) · Password Edit with current pwd · Trees · Typography · Confirmable Forms · Slugs · Format and Font Icons · QR Code · Gravatar images · Progress · Meter ...
  8. ph-7/qrcode-generator-php-class - Packagist
    Light QRCode PHP class (library). QR Code Generator using vCard 4.0 and the Google Chart AP.
  9. PHP QR Code - QR code generator, an LGPL PHP library
    PHP QR code is Open Source (LGPL) generator for 2-D QR barcode, supports PNG export of code and TCPDF bindings.
  10. qrcode - Packalyst
    Barcode & Qr Code generator library by You can use it with Custom PHP application or any PHP Framework such as Laravel, Cakephp, Yii, Codeigneter etc. 286 833. symfony generator symfony2 barcode cakephp ...
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