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  1. Railsから見たCakePHP3 - Sider Blog
    CakePHPRuby on Rails派生系と言われる、MVC構造のウェブアプリケーション用 Frameworkです。PHP言語で開発されています。 Railsは37signals(「強いチームは オフィスを捨てる」などを執筆している先進企業)が主になって開発して ... > トップ > Ruby
  2. Analyzing best practices on Web development frameworks: The lift ...
    We present a comparative analysis of the most well-known Web frameworks (JSF , Struts, CakePHP, Grails, Ruby on Rails, Django, Catalyst and Lift). •. This analysis impacts in the software engineering community decreasing ...
  3. PHP vs Ruby: What is Better for Web Development in 2020
    CakePHP — Based on Ruby on Rails concepts and principles; this framework was written for faster development. If there is a head to head battle between PHP and Ruby frameworks, then Laravel wins from Ruby on Rails hands down.
  4. Why is Ruby/Rails or Python/Django better than PHP? - Quora
    Like Quora User says, comparing PHP to a framework is a bit problematic. A more accurate comparison would be to compare PHP to Python or Ruby, and to compare a framework like CakePHP to Rails or Django. PHP, as a language, has a ...
  5. CakePHP Web Development Company India - Hire CakePHP ...
    2020年1月28日 ... CakePHP allows for a simple coding process which makes debugging faster and easier, thus saving ample of time and cost. Feature-Rich Websites. CakePHP is a highly favored framework because of its ability to build fast ...
  6. Laravel vs CakePHP | 8 Most Sucessful Differences To Learn
    Difference between Laravel and CakePHP. Laravel is basically a powerful open- source, MVC PHP framework that is mainly used to develop new, creative and elegant full-featured web applications. It offers a different set of basic functionalities ... > ... > Top Differences Tutorial
  7. Evaluating web development frameworks - IBIT - Temple University
    Ruby got its popularity from the Rails framework. CakePHP. “CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, ...
  8. CakePHP - Installatron
    2019年10月7日 ... CakePHP. CakePHP is an open source framework application. Initially released in 2005, CakePHP is partially inspired by Ruby on Rails and uses many of its concepts. Installatron Remote is a one-click solution to install and ... > ... > Content Management
  9. Ruby on Rails と CakePHP比較 | simple blog
    仕事でCakePHP を扱うことになるようで調査しているのだけど、フレームワークの方向 性とか、命名規則とか、規約の考え方がRuby on Rails に似ているように思えた。 備忘録として簡単にまとめてみる。□フレームワークの特徴(ざっくりと. > ホーム > blog
  10. Top Software Developer in Pelotas, Brazil: Pedro Fernandes ... - Toptal
    Created a Ruby on Rails application to manage the live-streaming of Bovine Auctions. Developed the company website using Ruby on Rails. Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails ...
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