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  1. Intel Celeron D 347 CPU - CPU-Upgrade
    The Intel Celeron D 347 is a Socket 775 processor, based on Cedar Mill core. There are also 8 Cedar Mill CPUs, that work in the same socket. Below you will find brief characteristics and stepping information for these processors. > ... > Intel > Celeron D
  2. Intel Celeron D 356 @ HWBOT
    1: Cedar Mill-512 Core - view other processors from the Celeron D (Cedar Mill) family · buy on amazon. CPU overclocking records. World records achieved by overclocking a Intel Celeron D 356 processor. Click on view more to see the ...
  3. Intel Pentium 4 Celeron D 3xx series processor (Cedar Mill-512 ...
    Clock speed, Model, Multiplier, Introduction, Order part numbers. 133/3066 MHz, Intel Pentium 4 Celeron D 347 CPU, 23, October 2006, OEM (stepping C1, D0): HH80552RE083512, PIB : BX80552347. 133/3200 MHz, Intel Pentium 4 Celeron  ...
  4. Intel Celeron D: New, Improved & Exceeds Expectations - AnandTech
    Introduction. When we first heard that Intel would be continuing the Celeron tradition with a Prescott based "D" line, we were a little skeptical. When we further heard that the Celeron D would only be getting a quarter of the ...
  5. Celeron D 355 Can Run PC Game System Requirements
    Based on the Cedar Mill Pentium 4 core, this version of the Celeron D was launched 28 May 2006,and continued the 3xx naming scheme with the Celeron D 347 (3.06 GHz), 352 (3.2 GHz), 356 (3.33 GHz), 360 (3.46 GHz), and 365 (3.6 GHz).
  6. list object - Cedar Mill -
    Die-shrink of the Prescott core (90nm). Two advantages are: cheaper to manufacture for Intel due the smaller die-size and lower power consumption plus higher clock frequencies. The Cedar Mill core is used in both the Celeron D as the ...
  7. Celeron D 352 [in 1 benchmark]
    Intel started Celeron D 352 sales on May 2006. This is Cedar Mill architecture desktop processor primarily aimed at office systems. It has 1 cores and 1 threads, and is based on 65 nm manufacturing technology, with a maximum frequency of  ... > Home > Processors
  8. Intel readies 65nm Celeron D CPUs • The Register
    Exclusive Intel's first 65nm desktop Celeron D chips will be the 352 and 356, The Register has learned. Based on 'Cedar Mill', the 65nm single-core chip that's the basis for the newly launched Pentium 4 6x1 series, the new ...
  9. Intel Celeron D Processor - Bucaro Techelp
    The Celeron D processor, released in December 2005, is based on the Prescott core. ... Celeron D models 347 and higher use the 65nm Cedar Mill core and have a 12KB + 16KB (Data + Instructions) L1 Cache and a 512KB L2 cache. Pins on ...
  10. Intel Celeron D 352 3.2GHz (BX80552352) Processor for sale online ...
    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Intel Celeron D 352 3.2GHz (BX80552352) Processor at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! > ... > CPUs/Processors
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