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  1. 【dynapocket SoftBank X02T】スタートガイド1/11 「電話」 - YouTube
    SoftBank X02Tで電話をしてみましょう。 ... 【dynapocket SoftBank X02T】スタート ガイド1 ...
  2. How to change Japanese version Windows 10 to English version ...
    Language settings at the Japanese version Windows 10.
  3. Changing Language Setting to see English on a Japanese OS ...
    Instructions on how to see the diagnostics in English on Windows Japanese OS environment.
  4. Setting the System Locale - Fujitsu Global
    In order to display Japanese characters in an English environment, the system locale must be set to Japanese. ... The [Regional and Language Settings] dialog appears. Change locale; Select [Current system locale] - [Japanese(Japan)].
  5. Cortana's regions and languages - Microsoft Support
    2019年10月3日 ... Find out which regions and languages Cortana is available in. ... India: English. Italy: Italian. Japan: Japanese. Mexico: Spanish. Spain: Spanish. United Kingdom : English. United States: English. Note: If you change your ...
  6. Change language or location settings - Android - YouTube Help
    You have the option to select your language and location on YouTube on your computer and mobile web, and the option to select your location on the YouTube mobile app. Language settings change the text that appears, while location ...
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