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  1. チップセット - Wikipedia
    チップセットChipset)とは、原義では、ある機能を実現するために組み合わされた複数 の集積回路(IC)の集まりであり、広義ではPC/AT互換機(に類似したパーソナル コンピュータ)のマザーボードに実装される、CPUの外部バスと、メモリや周辺機器を 接続する ...チップセット
  2. Chipset - Wikipedia
    In a computer system, a chipset is a set of electronic components in an integrated circuit known as a "Data Flow Management System" that manages the data flow between the processor, memory and peripherals. It is usually found on the ...
  3. What Is a “Chipset”, and Why Should I Care? - How-To Geek
    In a nutshell, a chipset acts like the motherboard's communications center and traffic controller, and it ultimately determines what components are compatible with the motherboard—including the CPU, RAM, hard drives, and ...
  4. What Is a Motherboard Chipset? A Basic Definition | Tom's Hardware
    2019年7月17日 ... The chipset determines how many high-speed components or USB devices your motherboard can support. Chipsets are usually comprised of one to four chips and feature controllers for commonly used peripherals, like the your ...,
  5. What is a Chipset? - YouTube
    A chipset explained. This is an animated video tutorial showing what a chipset is and and how ...
  6. What is a Chipset as Fast As Possible - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family ...
  7. Intel Chipset Products
    Intel chipset products provide extreme power and performance for consumers, enthusiasts, or the enterprise with enhanced audio and video capabilities.
  8. What is Chipset? - Definition from Techopedia
    A chipset is a group of interdependent motherboard chips or integrated circuits that control the flow of data and instructions between the ... In addition, a CPU has several different chipsets that vary according to architecture.
  9. Chipsets for Desktop PCs | AMD
    Match your AMD Athlon, Ryzen and Threadripper processors to their compatible chipset including TRX40, X399 and Socket AM4. View AMD Chipsets!
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