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  1. glColorMask
    glColorMask — enable and disable writing of frame buffer color components ... If red is GL_FALSE , for example, no change is made to the red component of any pixel in any of the color buffers, regardless of the drawing operation attempted.
  2. glColorMask - OpenGL 4 Reference Pages - Khronos Group
    buf. For glColorMaski , specifies the index of the draw buffer whose color mask to set. red , green , blue , alpha. Specify whether red, green, blue, and alpha are to be written into the frame buffer. The initial values are all GL_TRUE , indicating ...
  3. Color Mask - OpenGL Wiki
    Color Mask. From OpenGL Wiki. Redirect page. Jump to: navigation, search. Redirect to: Write Mask#Color Mask. Retrieved from " opengl/wiki_opengl/index.php?title=Color_Mask&oldid=11961" ...
  4. WebGLRenderingContext.colorMask() - Web APIs | MDN
    2019年3月23日 ... colorMask() method of the WebGL API sets which color components to enable or to disable when drawing or rendering to a ... Syntax. void gl .colorMask( red, green, blue, alpha ); ... Standard, Man page of the OpenGL API. > ... > WebGLRenderingContext
  5. ColorMask - Nvidia
    NVIDIA Cg Toolkit Documentation for ColorMask. ... components in the frame buffer. See the OpenGL glColorMask manual page for details. ... for DirectX 9. The standard reset callback sets the ColorMask state to bool4(true, true, true, true ).
  6. OpenGL - Different clear color for individual color attachments ...
    glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT) clears the current color buffers with the same color that is globally set ( GL_COLOR_CLEAR_VALUE ). OpenGL 2+. To specify a different color for each buffer you have to change the ...
  7. Depth and stencils - OpenGL
    Extra buffers. Up until now there is only one type of output buffer you've made use of, the color buffer. This chapter will discuss two additional types, the depth buffer and the stencil buffer. For each of these a problem will be presented and ...
  8. Chapter 10 - OpenGL Programming Guide
    Before OpenGL writes data into the enabled color, depth, or stencil buffers, a masking operation is applied to the data, as specified with one of the following commands. A bitwise logical AND is performed with each mask and the corresponding ...
  9. Blending - Learn OpenGL
    Blending in OpenGL is also commonly known as the technique to implement transparency within objects. Transparency is all about objects (or parts of them) not having a solid color, but having a combination of colors from the object itself and ...
  10. WebGL and Alpha - WebGL2 Fundamentals
    I've noticed some OpenGL developers having issues with how WebGL treats alpha in the backbuffer (ie, the canvas), so I ... A really good way to find if you have any alpha problems is to set the canvas's background to a bright color like red.
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