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  1. Subversion - EmacsWiki
    This is for people who don't do everything in Emacs. Or perhaps people who use the M-x shell. When you commit a change to Subversion using the svn command- line tool, ...
  2. Svn Status Mode - EmacsWiki
    SubVersion, like other revision control systems starting with CVS, can manage groups of files and entire directory trees, rather than just one file at a time like preceding systems like RCS and CSSC. The design of Emacs' ...
  3. Is there a good extension for working with SVN in Emacs? - Stack ...
    You can take a look at dsvn - it was influenced originally by psvn. However, it can work more efficiently with large repositories containing many files and subdirectories. As a side note - you should really consider upgrading to ...
  4. Emacs for better SVN workflow - Emacs Stack Exchange
    2018年9月21日 ... inside the svn project directory emacs -nw -f vc-root-diff -> C-c C-e for opening multiple diff in ediff. I actualy think this is not bad. Can't I skip the vc-root-diff step in any way? ediff-directory-revisions doesn't quite do the trick.
  5. Version Control - GNU Emacs Manual -
    The Emacs version control interface is called VC . VC commands work with several different version control systems; currently, it supports Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, RCS, SRC, SCCS/CSSC, and Subversion. Of these, the GNU ...
  6. emacs/vc-svn.el at master · emacs-mirror/emacs · GitHub
    along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>. ;;; Commentary: ;; Sync'd with Subversion's vc-svn.el as of revision 5801. but this version. ;; has been extensively modified since to handle filesets. ;;; Code: (eval- when- ...
  7. 「VC(バージョンコントロール)パッケージの基礎」(菅原泰樹) - ありえるえりあ
    VCはEmacs上で各種バージョン管理システムを統合的に扱うパッケージです. Emacs23ではRCS, CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Gnu-Archに標準で 対応しています.バックエンドを書けば他のバージョン管理システムに対応させることも 可能です.
  8. Emacs から Subversion を使う - かわちょ日記
    Emacs から Subversion の操作をするための Emacs Lisp パッケージとして、vc-svn, psvn, dsvn というのがある。vc-svn はよく知らない。vc-mode(バージョン管理の マイナーモード)のバックエンドに svn を使えるようにするものかな?
  9. Two vc svn problems : emacs - Reddit
    Hi, I've managed to use svn with VC for a few months, and it works well except what I list below: 1. `vc-dir` is very slow It takes ~10s to...
  10. psvn.el - the Apache Software Foundation
    Customize group (defgroup psvn nil "Subversion interface for Emacs." :group ' tools) (defgroup psvn-faces nil "psvn faces." :group 'psvn) (eval-and-compile ( require 'cl) (defconst svn-xemacsp (featurep 'xemacs)) (if svn-xemacsp (require ...
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