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  1. Dell Poweredge T30 HDD inquiry - Dell Community
    2019年12月9日 ... Dell Poweredge T30 HDD inquiry. Hi, our company is already using 2x T30 for various servers. I'll be purchasing a 3rd one soon to serve as a new file server to replace our aging 7 year old one. I'm planning to put 1x 1TB Dell ...
  2. SCSI Commands Reference Manual - Seagate
    3.6.1 INQUIRY command introduction. ... 5.3.33 Seagate Specific Unit Attention parameters page (00h) for HDD . ... data for an INQUIRY command based on the condition of the SCSI target device before beginning the FORMAT UNIT ...
  3. HP ProLiant Servers - SAS or SATA Hard Disk Drive Failed
    Drive Model HP DG146BB976 Drive Serial Number 3NM0BMXL00009803V8SR Drive Firmware Revision HPDD SCSI Inquiry Bits 0x02. Compaq Drive Stamped Stamped For Monitoring (0x01) Last Failure Reason Mark Bad Failed (0x05)
  4. HowTo: Find Out Hard Disk Specs / Details on Linux - nixCraft
    Can you tell me a Linux command to find out information about my hard disk such as description, product name, ... device information. scsi_id Command – queries a SCSI device via the SCSI INQUIRY vital product data (VPD).
  5. FreeBSD Find Out All Installed Hard Disk Size Information - nixCraft
    2020年3月5日 ... Learn about FreeBSD physical hard disk naming conventions and command to list all detected hard disk and ... disk gpart=$( gpart show $disk 2>&1 ) if [ "$ WITH_CAMCONTROL" ]; then inquiry=$( camcontrol inquiry $disk ...
  6. Solved: CUCM 9.1.2 HDD Serial Number - Cisco Community
    Hello,. For all others looking like me, when you run show hardware command you get a field called Inquiry Data, that field contains the Serial Number of the HDD as well. You can send that field to Cisco TAC and raise a case. For me below the ...
  7. Smartmontools with MegaRAID Controller - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
    This article shows you how to query SMART attributes of hard drives and SSDs that are connected to an LSI RAID controller. Checking for hard disk access. Using. cat /proc/scsi/scsi. can display which ...
  8. Finding the serial number of a hard disk | OVH Guides
    You can refer to this guide (LSI raid controller) to find which hard drive relates to a designated sg device. Once you have found the sg device related to the hard disk you want to query, use the following command: smartctl -a /dev/sgX | grep ...
  9. How to Retrieve the Serial Number of a Storage Drive – Articles
    2019年12月3日 ... The serial number is listed in the first column to the right of "Inquiry Data:" for each storage drive. ... Here is a sample output on a Dedicated Server with two HDD storage devices, but this will also work with NVMe storage ...
  10. Checking Machine Status and Settings - Ricoh
    [HDD File(s)]. Displays the total number of jobs stored in the hard disk drive. [Print Job(s)]. Displays the number of jobs for "Hold ... Inquiry. You can check the following items under [Inquiry]: [Machine Repairs]. Displays the machine number and ...
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