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  1. Here's Why a $10,000 Suit Costs $10,000 | GQ
    $10,000 is *a lot *of money to drop on a single suit. That's $5k apiece if we're splitting things down the middle. You might think, “Who the hell has that kind of money?” And the answer is: more guys than you might think. Just ask the tailoring experts at Kiton, who turn out a wardrobe's worth of five-figure suits every season. You'll spot one example of the storied Italian house's ultra-luxe tailoring in the latest issue of GQ, worn damn well (if we do say) by Game of ...
  2. Microfluidic kit-on-a-lid: a versatile platform for ... - NCBI - NIH
    Blood. 2012 Oct 4;120(14):e45-53. doi: 10.1182/blood-2012-03-416453. Epub 2012 Aug 22. Microfluidic kit-on-a-lid: a versatile platform for neutrophil chemotaxis assays. Sackmann EK(1), Berthier E, Young EW, Shelef MA, Wernimont SA, Huttenlocher A, Beebe DJ. Author information: (1)Materials Science Program, Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research, Madison, WI 53705, USA. Improvements in neutrophil chemotaxis assays have advanced our understanding of the mechanisms ...
  3. Microfluidic kit-on-a-lid: a versatile platform for ... - Blood Journal
    Here we present a comprehensive microfluidic solution, dubbed Kit-on-a-lid- assay (KOALA) for chemotaxis, that performs neutrophil purification from nanoliter volumes of blood in minutes, generates repeatable chemotactic gradients, and does not require specialized equipment to operate. The platform makes possible the study of neutrophil chemotaxis in infants or small mammals and is particularly useful for dynamic phenomena that need repeated sampling over multiple time points.
  4. Kiton's 'A Neopolitan Dream' - YouTube
    Introducing the spring 2014 women's collection.
  5. Kiton Fall 2018 Menswear Collection - Vogue
    2018年1月13日 ... Although the twin sons of Kiton's CEO Antonio De Matteis have been involved in the business for the past seven years—and they're only 26—today's presentation marked their debut stand-alone project. Labeled KNT for Kiton New Texture, the capsule consists of pieces that could be compared to the iPhone X of jogging suits. In 14-micron wool stretch—almost baby-skin soft—the dark gray single- pleat, cuffed pants make classic jersey seem as clunky as a Discman, ...
  6. Kiton - Wikipedia
    Kiton is a luxury ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing company founded in 1956 as CIPA in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone, a fifth-generation fabric merchant, and Antonio Carola. Launched in 1968, the Kiton brand name is a derivation of the Greek word chiton, a garment worn by the ancient Greeks that the Romans later called a tunic. Antonio De Matteis is the CEO, and Antonio Paone is president of Kiton USA; both are nephews of the co-founder, Ciro Paone. The company's ...
  7. Su-misura | Kiton [Japan Official Site]
    In order to fully benefit from the quality and comfortable hang of Kiton garments, it is extremely important to choose a design with the right size and balance for your body. Twice a year at Su-Misura events held in-store, specialist Kiton fitters and tailors are on hand to offer customers the opportunity to own a perfectly-fitting, bespoke garment. Customers are able to select their favorite color and pattern from a range of the season's latest fabrics, after which fitters and tailors take ...
  8. Brand Philosophy | Kiton [Japan Official Site]
    The Beginning of Kiton. Naples, a land of riches and cultures, prospered with more glory than any other European city. The wealth and multitude of cultures existing side by side gave the city a multicultural, exotic air that continues to be embodied by the people and scenery today. Classically tailored garments in style and demand with the upper classes of the time, encouraged the development of astounding tailoring techniques. Neapolitan tailors showcased their abilities to reach the ...
  9. 【楽天市場】Kiton(キートン) スニーカー くつ ブラウンxカーキ スエード ...
    【USED品】。Kiton(キートン) スニーカー くつ ブラウンxカーキ スエード 【ランクA】【中古】 | SELECTION ブランドオフ BRANDOFF. > 楽天市場 > 靴 > レディース靴 > その他
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