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  1. Linux Inter Process Communication (IPC) from Scratch | Udemy
    Linux Course - Includes Socket Programming, Linux System Programming, C programming - From Beginner to Expert. > ... > Operating Systems > Linux
  2. Linux/Unix SSH, Ping, FTP, Telnet Communication Commands
    2020年3月17日 ... While working on a Linux operating system you may need to communicate with other devices. For this, there are some basic utilities that you can make use of. These utilities can help you communic.
  3. Inter-process communication in Linux: Using pipes and message ...
    2019年4月16日 ... Learn how processes synchronize with each other in Linux. ... This is the second article in a series about interprocess communication (IPC) in Linux. ... [Download the complete guide to inter-process communication in Linux] ... Linux commands cheat sheet · Advanced Linux commands cheat sheet · Free online course: RHEL Technical Overview · Linux networking cheat sheet · SELinux ...
  4. Inter-process communication in Linux: Sockets and signals ...
    2019年4月17日 ... This is the third and final article in a series about interprocess communication ( IPC) in Linux. ... the child, sleeps for five seconds so that the child can execute for a while; of course, the child mostly sleeps in this simulation.
  5. Device Classes — The Linux Kernel documentation
    Device classes are agnostic with respect to what bus a device resides on. Programming Interface¶. The device class structure looks like: typedef int (* devclass_add)(struct device *); typedef void ...
  6. CSCI-4310/6310 Networking In the Linux Kernel Syllabus
    The course is not currently designated as communication-intensive, but the process has been started and I have been advised to continue running the course as one that meets the comm-intensive requirements. It is possible but not  ...
  7. Real-time Linux communications | Hacker Noon
    An evaluation of the Linux communication stack for real-time robotic applications. The content of this article ... The SKB priority is used by the MQPRIO Qdisc to map the traffic flow to a traffic class of the Qdisc. At the same time, ...
  8. Ethernet over USB - Wikipedia
    Ethernet over USB means using USB as an Ethernet network. But it could also be interpreted to mean some Ethernet device which is connected ... The Linux kernel for the iPAQ uses this communications strategy exclusively, since the iPAQ hardware has neither an accessible ... which host it is connected to, and then starts the required class, RNDIS or CDC-ECM (Communication Device Class ...
  9. CIS 121: Linux/UNIX I: Fundamentals
    The course covers the UNIX/Linux file system, communication with other users, editors, file manipulation and processing, basics of pipes and redirection, simple shell programming, and a basic introduction to Linux. This course is designed to  ...
  10. CDC: Communication Device Class - Keil
    The Communication Device Class (CDC) supports a wide range of devices that can perform telecommunications and ... Using CDC (NCM), you can create Ethernet-over-USB (for Linux hosts) applications on Linux-based host systems.
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