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  1. The end of paravirt_ops? []
    VMI is a paravirtualization layer for VMWare, built on top of paravirt_ops. Recently, developers at VMWare ran a series of tests and came to an interesting conclusion: with contemporary hardware, using VMI did not improve ...
  2. XenParavirtOps - Xen
    paravirt_ops (pv-ops for short) is a piece of Linux kernel infrastructure to allow it to run paravirtualized on a hypervisor. It currently supports VMWare's VMI, Rusty's lguest, and most interestingly, Xen. The infrastructure allows ...
  3. Paravirt_ops ============ Linux provides support for different ...
    Paravirt_ops ============ Linux provides support for different hypervisor virtualization technologies. ... It allows each hypervisor to override critical operations and allows a single kernel binary to run on all supported execution environments ...
  4. paravirt_ops/IA64 status update - VA Linux Systems Japan
    Items status done(2.6.27) done(2.6.28) patch posted save/restore patch posted binary patch now coding skip to dom0(?) free unused pages spin lock dom0. DMA API and more? minimal domU pv_ops. Xen/domU. domU 2nd Phase more .
  5. Features/XenPvops - Fedora Project Wiki
    Xen pv_ops domU support is now included in the vanilla/mainline Linux kernel, for x86_32, x86_64 and ia64, ... The effort needed for 2.6.23, 2.6.24 and later would have been even bigger with the introduction of paravirt_ops and the ...
  6. Simple Introduction to paravirt_ops for Xen - SysTutorials
    The is a simple introduction to paravirt_ops in Linux kernel for Xen, VMware, etc. We make this introduction from the view of code. We use the function raw_local_irq_disable() and raw_local_irq_enable() functions in Linux ...
  7. linux/paravirt_ops.txt at master · spotify/linux · GitHub
    Linux kernel on x86. Several ways for virtualization support were. proposed, paravirt_ops is the winner. On the other hand, now there are also several IA64 virtualization. technologies like kvm/IA64, xen/IA64 and many other academic IA64.
  8. Xen及びXCPの現状 - Japan Network Information Center - JPNIC
    2010/11/xx pvops Dom0が2.6.37にマージ(予定). ハイパーバイザ. ハードウェア paravirt_ops. カーネル. (Xen対応済). 従来の. Xen対応 .... php/2009/11/18/fujitsu-and-va-linux-systems-japan-k-k-join-xen- · advisory-board /.
  9. 山幡 為佐久 < ... - 情報処理学会
    2008年6月 Xen Summit 2008 North America 「 Paravirt_Ops in Linux ia64」. ○ 2005年末頃から業務としてXenの開発を ... Xen and the Art of Open Source Virtualzation LinuxSymposium. 2004年8月. Xen 2.0 beta. 2004年11月 ...
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