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  1. Windows10 - アプリ「People(アドレス帳)」を使ってみた - PC設定のカルマ
    Windows10 のアプリ「People(アドレス帳)」を使ってみたので、その簡単な使い方と 機能を紹介します。 アプリ「People」は Windows10 に標準搭載されている アドレス帳 アプリです。「」「Google」「iCloud」から最新の連絡先情報を取得すること も ... > ... > Windows > Windows 10 > アプリ
  2. Get Microsoft People - Microsoft Store
    Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Microsoft People.
  3. 6 ways to improve your experience with the People app on Windows ...
    The People app on Windows 10 Mobile can be really useful if you spend some time playing around with it ... To make sure the link between the People hub and these apps exist, double check the settings on those social apps.
  4. How to Use My People Hub Feature in Windows 10 Creators Update
    The My People Hub is an exciting new feature addition to Windows 10 which aims to integrate all your contacts across all ... You're also able to link contacts if you have multiple ways to reach them, such as phone numbers and emails, so all  ...
  5. 第734回:Windows 10 Mobile とは - ケータイ Watch Watch
    Windows 10 Mobile」は、マイクロソフト製OSの最新バージョン「Windows 10」の スマートフォン、および8インチ以下の ... 版のWindowsで登録した連絡先を、Windows 10 MobilePeopleハブに表示させたりする、といったこともできます。 > ... > Windows Phone
  6. Windows 10 Mobile review: Better than 8, less than a perfect 10 ...
    What's important is knowing what's new in Windows 10 mobile and why it should be considered over IOS and Android, and .... The People Hub has been replaced by the Microsoft People app which essentially has all the functionality of the ...
  7. Marriott Windows 10 Mobile App Has Cortana, People Hub Integration
    Marriott has partnered with Microsoft to launch the Marriott Mobile App on the Universal Windows Platform, which features integration with Cortana and People Hub. That means you can now ask Cortana t.
  8. Best Windows Phone alternatives for people who miss their ... - CNet
    The resurrected brand runs Android now, but the phone has a hub that groups your social networks into one. They support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, Hangouts, LinkedIn and more.
  9. 5 things you can do with the My People hub from Windows 10 ...
    Find out how to communicate faster and more easily with the My People hub from Windows 10's taskbar.
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