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  1. docker-php-7.1-apache/Dockerfile at master · limogin/docker-php ...
    PHP extensions. RUN apt-get install -y php-twig php-html-safe php-apc php- apigen php-calendar php-calendar php-dompdf php-file \. php-fpdf php-html- common php-http php-imlib php-mail php-pager php-openid php-parser php- xajax ...
  2. libAfterImage Imaging Library. - AfterStep
    ee/ImLib This image is comparison of libAfterImage rendering on 16bpp screen, to what is rendered by ElectricEyes using ImLib at same colordepth. You can clearly see stripes on gradiented skys on ImLib image. libAfterImage vs. ee/ImLib one ...
  3. comp.dsp | FFTW, Imlib & OpenCV -
    Hi there, I am working on an image processing project. I am trying to represent an image in terms of signal and then calculate contrast using that...
  4. Apt get tutorial – manage packages on ubuntu/debian – BinaryTides
    ... un php-imlib <none> (no description available) un php-kolab-filter <none> (no description available) un php-openid <none> (no description available) un php- pear <none> (no description available) un php-radius-legacy ...
  5. Ubuntu Forums
    php-imlib - PHP Imlib2 Extension php5-adodb - Extension optimising the ADOdb database abstraction library php5-enchant - Enchant module for php5 php5- exactimage - fast image manipulation library (PHP bindings)
  6. RPM Search
    imlib2, 1.0.6-4, Powerful image loading and rendering library ... imlib2-devel, 1.0. 6-4, Imlib header files and development documentation ... php, 4.2.3-10, The PHP HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache.
  7. multimedia - Modules - Slax Linux
    Image Viewer using IMlib for X11, 2 modules, 0.15 MB. ffmpeg · 32bit 64bit. FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. 7 modules, 3.67 MB. flac · 32bit 64bit. flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec), -, 0.28 MB.
  8. さまざまなライセンスとそれらについての解説 - GNUプロジェクト - フリー ...
    imlib2のライセンス (#imlib). これは自由ソフトウェア ... ソフトウェアライセンスです。 派生製品の名前について“PHP”の使用に強い制限があるので、GNU GPLと両立しま せん。 わたしたちは、PHPのアドオン以外でこのライセンスを使わないようお勧めします 。
  9. Software Overview · Norbert de Jonge
    C / GTK+ (and GDK Imlib), GNOME, GPL2+, 2000., WWW, PHP (inc. SimpleXML, session_start, etc), SQL (MySQL), JavaScript / jQuery, Swift Mailer, Feedback Me, SIMILE Timeline, AnythingSlider, Bootstrap, etc, GPL3+, 2017.
  10. How to install phalcon 3 on debian 8 with plesk? - Discussion ...
    Get support using Phalcon, the next-generation PHP Framework. ... text manipulations in images php-imlib - PHP Imlib2 Extension php-invoker - utility class for invoking callables with a timeout php-jama - basic linear algebra ...
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