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  1. What is a SATA Hard Drive? A User-Friendly Guide | TTR Data ...
    2020年4月5日 ... What Is A SATA Hard Drive: Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, also known as SATA is the new standard for connecting data in your computer. This complete guide is designed for students and DIY learners!​
  2. Hitachi Serial ATA drive SATAII 3.0/ SATAI 1.5 Gb/s ... - Addonics FAQ
    The floppy drive will automatically load the Hitachi Feature Tool. Enter the tool and select the Hitachi Drive you desire to be switched to SATA II 3.0 gb/s mode in "Selected drive" menu.
  3. SATA History / SATA.COM
    SATA-Chronology. The origins of Sanitaria go back to the firm Gretsch & Cie. GmbH in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, which was established in 1863 by Friedrich Carl Bauer and now operates in Ditzingen under the name of Gretsch-Unitas.
  4. SATA | PC-3000 Support Blog
    We get many questions from our customers about how to determine the points where to solder SATA connector on SAMSUNG Spinpoint USB drive. Here is the easiest method. There are two types of USB PCBs: 1. With separate SATA-USB ...
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