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  1. Advanced SCSI Programming Interface - Wikipedia
    ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) とは、アダプテックが提唱した以下の 仕様の総称である。 SCSI ホストアダプタのドライバと、SCSI ... にもかかわらず、 Windows 95 系列での流れから、Windows NT 系列でも SPTI に対応せず ASPI を 必要とする CD-R ライティングソフトなどが多数あり、利用者を悩ませていた。 ただし、 一部の ...
  2. Advanced SCSI Programming Interface - Wikipedia
    In computing, ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) is an Adaptec- developed programming interface which standardizes ... Microsoft did not include ASPI in Windows 2000/XP, in favor of its own SPTI. Users may still download ASPI ...
  3. 通信 (インターフェイス) - IsoBuster
    IsoBuster は Aspi (Adaptec 社のインターフェイス) または SPTI (NT ネイティブの インターフェイス) を利用します。 IsoBuster - 通信 (インターフェイス) Aspi (wnaspi32. dll) は、Windows 95、98、および ME では標準でインストールされています。Microsoft は ...
  4. ASPI | SCSI | IT用語辞典 | 日立ソリューションズ
    ASPIは、アダプティックによって提唱されたソフトウェアと光ドライバなどの媒体を. ... かつてのWindows95時代のOSには、ASPIが標準装備されている機器がほとんどで あったが、ASPIに代わる新しいSPTIというシステムが作られたことにより現在の Windows ...
  5. ImgBurn for Dummies - Page 16 of 20 | Articles - Digital Digest
    ASPI - Advanced SCSI Programming Interface, a method that some programs use to access data on drives. ... It is supposed to be 10-15% quicker than normal ASPI layers. SPTI - Microsoft The default SPTI works if you have an Microsoft NT  ... > ... > ImgBurn for Dummies
  6. ASPI to SPTI scsi compatibility layer download |
    Download ASPI to SPTI scsi compatibility layer for free. wnaspi32.dll is needed by many CD reading/writing softwares on NT, 2k and XP. this is a simple project - and is essentially complete as it is based on the routines in ... > Home > Browse
  7. ASPI drivers explained
    ASPI drivers are not necessary for CDDA32 under NT and 2K. We are able to use the SPTI (SCSI Pass Through Interface) Drivers which do not require the user to install any special drivers. CDDA32 should work just fine right out of the box.
  8. SPTI/SCSI operations from a Windows 7 application - Stack Overflow
    The original software was written for Windows XP as a DLL, and talked with the device via Adaptec's ASPI API. ... I'm now updating the software to work with Windows 7 using Microsoft's modern SPTI (SCSI Pass-Through ...
  9. StarBurn SDK FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions - StarBurn Software
    What are ASPI, SPTI and SPTD? Why should I have wnaspi32.dll shipped with my software? Is there any way to avoid this? What StarBurn files should I have as part of my own application installation? Created DVD-Video compilation works ...
  10. ASPI for windows 10 64 bit - Windows 10 - MSFN
    2019年7月16日 ... My question, does anyone know if the current ASPI on my system would be sufficient to successfully use my Plextor SCSI ... ASPI has been historically not supported by MS (and delegated to Adaptec) and SPTI was used:. > ... > Windows 10
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