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  1. SQLiteクラスタリング/Web API化を実現する「rqlite」レビュー | さくらの ...
    SQLiteはファイル一つで使えて手軽なデータベースです。ちょっとしたWeb アプリケーションであれば十分に耐えられますし、ファイル一つとあってバックアップも 簡単に行えます。 そんなSQLiteをより便利に活用できるようにするのがrqlite です。
  2. rqlite/rqlite: The lightweight, distributed relational database ... - GitHub
    rqlite is an easy-to-use, lightweight, distributed relational database, which uses SQLite as its storage engine. Forming a cluster is very straightforward, it gracefully handles leader elections, and tolerates failures of machines, including the ...
  3. sqlite3-cluster - npm
    SQLite3 Cluster. Works with node cluster, or completely and unrelated node processes. Note: Most people would probably prefer to just use PostgreSQL rather than wrap SQLite as a service... but I am not most people.
  4. 1) Can SQLite use cluster? 2) Does SQLite have anything like MySQL ...
    King, I've taken a look at your previous questions, and I highly recommend you stop. You're starting a program from scratch, with perhaps little-to-no knowledge of how databases work. This community will not make this ...
  5. Replicating SQLite using Raft Consensus - Vallified - Philip O'Toole
    The diagram below shows an example rqlite cluster of 3 nodes, which continually work together to ensure that the SQLite file under each node is identical. With 3 nodes running, 1 node can fail, the cluster will remain up, and ...
  6. SQLite - High Performance Computing Cluster at CWRU
    Information about the new HPC upgraded cluster. ... SQLite [1] is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. The code for SQLite is in the public domain and is thus ...
  7. SQLite Archive Files
    This is because the database content is spread out across multiple files on the server, or possibly across multiple servers in a service cluster. One cannot point to a single file or even a single directory and say "this is the database". SQLite, in  ...
  8. ReSQLite: Replicating SQLite using Raft - Stanford University
    Whilst many fea- tures remain to be added to ReSQLite, enabling dynamic cluster size changes for instance, it currently supports leader election and log replication thus making it easy to run a replicated SQLite database across multiple ma-.
  9. sqlite3をgitで管理する方法 | INSANEWORKS,LLC
    相変わらずgit-svn使って中央サーバーはsvnですが、最近アプライアンスとかの設定 ファイルがsqlite3形式だったりするので、変更内容の差分を見たい時用 ... values (0," kota"); sqlite> select * from members; 0|kota sqlite> .quit git addして [kota@mbp13 ~/Git/test]$ git add git.db 変更を加える [kota@mbp13 ... GlusterFSでクラスタFSを 作る.をgitで管理する方法/
  10. Distributed SQLite for Go applications | Hacker News
    If its patches to SQLite are accepted upstream, dqlite could become the storage engine for rqlite. But right ... I'm not sure how well ActorDB performs in a large cluster with lots of distributed transactions, but I've never tried it.
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