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  1. Contact us - Philips Lighting
    Order Related Inquiries. For Distributor Partners (Ballasts, Lamps and Luminaires ). 1-855-486-2216. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (Ballasts, Drivers, Modules, and Controls) 800-372-3331 or email
  2. Switch to LEDs | Pasadena Water and Power - City of Pasadena
    The Benefits of LEDs. LEDs can last up to 35x longer than incandescent lights and almost 4x as long as fluorescent lights; LEDs produce more light per watt than incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs; LEDs light up instantly and many ...
  3. Fluorescent bulbs, lamps, and ballasts | Zero Waste Sonoma
    Corkscrew-type bulbs & U-tubes; Black lights; High intensity discharge bulbs ( HID); Metal halide; High Pressure Sodium; Ultraviolet bulbs; Neon bulbs. About ballasts: ... Mail-back & pick up recycling options: for businesses. Use the “What ... > Home > Materials
  4. How do I get rid of light bulbs - fluorescent? - OCRRA
    ... do I get rid of... Search Website. › Disposal Method › Light Bulbs - Fluorescent. How do I get rid of Light Bulbs - Fluorescent? Recycle. Visit OCRRA's Fluorescent Blub Recycling webpage ... Join Our Mailing List. Home · Sitemap · Terms and ...
  5. Fluorescent Lights and Mercury Thermostats - NC DEQ
    Fluorescent Lights Information for State Agencies and Local Governments. > Home > Conservation
    The Commercial LED Lighting Expert! When it comes to Commercial Lighting do not take chances, contact us for Quotes, Specs, Videos, Presentations and Live Demos. We promise to satisfy all your lighting needs.
  7. How to Dispose of Light Bulbs - Bob Vila
    Some light bulbs are safe to trash, while others contain components hazardous to the environment. ... If you must dispose of a broken fluorescent tube, follow the steps below for the safe clean-up and disposal of CFLs. ... You can also find mail- in programs online; they send out disposal kits with a pre-addressed container in which you can safely mail your old CFLs (they run anywhere ...
  8. Compact Fluorescent Light Guide | Georgia Recycling Coalition
    Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs last longer, cost less in the long run, save energy and lessen negative impact on the ... For a small fee WM will mail you a prepaid package for your CFL's or batteries that you can then mail back to them for ...
  9. Philips 32-Watt 4 ft. Alto Linear T8 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb ...
    Philips Linear Fluorescent 32-Watt T8 daylight deluxe light bulb is ideal for use in laundry rooms and bathrooms, or any room in your home. It provides an artic white light that creates a cool and refreshing environment, while also offering ...
  10. Smoking CFL isn't really a fire hazard | Star Tribune
    If a fluorescent light begins to smoke or smolder, immediately shut off the power to the light. Once it has cooled, remove it from the light socket. Then e-mail cfl@ to report the incident. Include the manufacturer's ...
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