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  1. VMBuilder - Debian Wiki
    VMBuilder is a Python-based software package for creating VM images of free software GNU/Linux-based operating systems. ... Debian Etch and Lenny on the aforementioned VMs, as well as extend the Amazon EC2 support to Eucalyptus.
  2. Eucalyptus Virtual Cloud · eucalyptus/eucalyptus Wiki · GitHub
    With a Eucalyptus Virtual Cloud we go one step further. Now you can take that single machine CIAB and install it into a Virtual Machine. For something like this to work, the Hypervisor that is being used on the machine hosting the VM must ...
  3. Build a Linux image from scratch · eucalyptus/eucalyptus Wiki · GitHub
    Eucalyptus Cloud-computing Platform. Contribute to eucalyptus/eucalyptus development by creating an account on GitHub. ... CentOS: ami-creator, boxgrinder, yum; Fedora: ami-creator, boxgrinder, yum; Ubuntu: ubuntu-vm- builder? Debian: ...
  4. KVM virtualization: Install KVM hypervisor in Ubuntu/Debian Linux ...
    sudo apt-get install virt-manager ubuntu-virt-server python-vm-builder ... This is a python based VM builder software which is useful in building VM images and very much useful in Cloud automation tools like Eucalyptus.
  5. VMBuilder - Bugs
    If you're interested in development of VMBuilder, join the vmbuilder team here on launchpad and subscribe to the mailing list! ... VMBuilder 2. Wishlist. Triaged. # 353401 Add support for --ec2cert option (needed by Eucalyptus). VMBuilder 10.
  6. KVM/CreateGuests - Community Help Wiki - Ubuntu Documentation
    Ubuntu-vm-builder is probably the best tool to use if you want to create VMs running Ubuntu JEOS 8.04, as the install is entirely scripted ...
  7. JeOS and vmbuilder - Ubuntu Documentation
    This page documents the building of a virtual appliance using Ubuntu Server Edition's JeOS and vmbuilder. ... However helpful this document may be for those people using vmbuilder to install a normal (but minimal) Ubuntu ...
  8. Virtualisation [Archive] - Page 23 - Ubuntu Forums
    [Archive] Page 23 For questions on virtualization software running Ubuntu, or the official flavours, as either host or guest. ... ubuntu-vm-builder fails to include the ubuntu-desktop package; [other] calibrate_APIC_clock problem with kvm-irqchip  ...
  9. Setting up of an Open Source based Private Cloud - CiteSeerX
    to support the complete cycle of construction and delivery of web-based ... provisioning of virtual machine and its resources are replaced here with ... Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud UEC, is a private cloud set up for ... Cluster 1. Eucalyptus. IP range. Installation Procedure for Server 2. Install. Ubuntu.
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