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  1. CentOS 5 - WEB Server - Virtual Hostings : Server World
    It's the example to configure virtual hostings. Following example is done as domain name [ (root directory[/var/www/html])], virtual domain name [ (root directory[/home/cent/public_html])]. Before doing it, it's ...
  2. lh3/centos5-vm: Instructions on how to deploy CentOS 5 ... - GitHub
    Instructions on how to deploy CentOS 5 virtual machines - lh3/centos5-vm.
  3. Apache 2 Web Server on CentOS 5 | Linode
    Instructions for getting started with the Apache web server on CentOS 5. ... Before we get started, we suggest that you combine all configuration on virtual hosting into a single file called vhost.conf located in the ...
  4. Virtual Hosting Howto With Virtualmin On CentOS 5.1 - HowtoForge
    Virtual Hosting Howto With Virtualmin On CentOS 5.1 This tutorial shows how to set up a CentOS 5.x server to offer all services needed by virtual ... > ... > Home
  5. CMS Migration from CentOS 5.x and Basic CentOS 7.x Installation
    This document will cover a step by step CMS migration from CentOS 5.x to CentOS 7.x as well as CentOS 7.x basic installation on a Virtual Machine (VM) using Oracle VirtualBox Manager. *Note* This document will cover the basic CentOS ...
  6. 25.7. Virtual Hosts Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 | Red Hat Customer ...
    The Apache HTTP Server's built in virtual hosting allows the server to provide different information based on which IP ... To create a name-based virtual host, it is best to use the virtual host container provided in httpd.conf as an example.
  7. Installing VMWARE server on CentOS 5 or Red hat enterprise Linux ...
    VMware virtualization software is an excllent choice for x86-compatible computers. They have both commercial and free version. I received few email regarding VMWARE on 64 bit Linux. Installing VMWARE server on CentOS ...
  8. VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 31/30, CentOS/RHEL 8/7/6/5 ...
    2019年10月31日 ... This is guide, howto install Oracle VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat (RHEL). This guide ... VirtualBox Guest Additions is special software that can be installed inside Linux virtual machines to improve ...
  9. Create Virtual Server - OnApp 5.5 Administration Guide
    To create a virtual server: Go to your Control Panel's Virtual Servers menu and click the "+" button, or click the Create Virtual Server button at the bottom of the screen. .... Do not use CPU Units for KVM Compute resources running on CentOS5.
  10. Prepare a CentOS-based virtual machine for Azure - Microsoft Docs
    2019年11月24日 ... Learn to create and upload an Azure virtual hard disk (VHD) that contains a CentOS-based Linux operating ... older distributions using the upstream Red Hat 2.6.32 kernel, and was fixed in RHEL 6.6 (kernel-2.6.32-504). > ... > Linux
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