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  1. VLC media player for WinCE / PocketPC - VideoLAN
    VLC media player for WinCE / PocketPC. ... The experimental WinCE port of VLC has been discontinued. There are currently no plan to resume it, due to ... Source code. If you want, you can download the source code of VLC media player.
  2. Windows Media Player (Windows CE) for Mobile - Free download ...
    This new addition to the Windows CE OS brings multimedia to the palm of your hand. The Windows Media Player for palmtop devices allows users to play Windows.
  3. Windows CE GPS video player | Windows Mobile Development and ...
    My dad's recently got himself a GPS (cheapy from ebay) which is running window CE, I'm trying to get it to play some films but really not having any luck, never used windows CE before there's is a media player already but ...
  4. Download TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) 0.71 / 0.72 RC1
    2018年12月5日 ... Download TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) - A media player for Palm OS -based and Windows CE / Windows Mobile-based devices capable of rendering some of the most commonly used media file formats. > ... > Video > Video Players
  5. Windows Ce 0.6 Media Player - free download suggestions
    Download Windows Ce 0.6 Media Player - best software for Windows. VLC media player: VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs....
  6. Windows CE カテゴリーのプロジェクト一覧 - ソフトウェアダウンロード ...
    Windows CE関連のソフトウェアの無料のダウンロードと自由な開発の場を提供。1 ページ. ... VLCメディアプレイヤー(VLC media player)は、マルチメディアのフレーム ワークでありストリーマーでありエンコーダーでもあり、もちろんプレイヤーでもあります。 > ... > 近代的なデスクトップOS > Windows
  7. Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Media Applications
    GrooveMobile GrooveMobile is a free media player for Windows Mobile. It has been designed to support playlists from Grooveshark. You can select songs from Grooveshark and put them into playlists that can be imported into GrooveMobile.
  8. PocketMVP - WinCESoft
    PocketMVP. Mediaplayer for Handheld and PocketPC's ... This version is a special HPC and Windows CE .NET adaption for webpads with a screen size of 800x600 ... PC- Setup- File (WinCE 3.00/HPC2000, .NET 4.x StrongARM & XScale).
  9. Download The Core Pocket Media Player v0.72 RC1 (freeware ...
    The Core Pocket Media Player is a media player for Windows CE/Windows Mobile devices, using ARM processors. > ... > Media players
  10. The Core Pocket Media Player - Wikipedia
    The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) is a software media player which operates on portable devices and Windows-based PCs. It is discontinued, but still available from the official mirror site. Supported operating systems include Palm OS, Symbian OS, and Microsoft Windows, CE, and Mobile.
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