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  1. Using Windows Phone on Authenticated Proxy Wifi - Mathew Sachin
    No matter how much you like your Windows Phone, you hate it when you reach college where you are provided with authenticated proxy Wi-Fi. All your friends having Android phones enjoy the Wi-Fi using Psiphon while you ...
  2. How to Solve the Windows Could Not Automatically Detect Network ...
    2019年5月1日 ... Because this issue is related to your Windows proxy settings, that's a sensible first place to check. To access proxy settings in Windows 10, open Settings, select the Network & Internet category, and switch to the Proxy tab from ... > ... > Windows
  3. Monitor Windows Phone | Progress Telerik Fiddler
    Configure Windows Phone. Tap Settings > WiFi. Settings ... On the Windows Phone, use Mobile IE to request an HTTPS protocol URL. ... This may prevent connecting to a different Fiddler proxy, which will use a different security certificate.
  4. Configure Proxy | Progress Test Studio - Documentation - Telerik
    Test Studio Mobile uses a web proxy for injecting a web extension in every page that a web test navigates to. Before tests are recorded or executed, the web browser must be ...
  5. Psiphon | Uncensored Internet access for Windows and Mobile
    Psiphon is circumvention software for Windows and Mobile platforms that provides uncensored access to Internet content. ... Psiphon is a circumvention tool from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you ...
  6. FULL FIX: Unable to Connect to Proxy Server in Windows 10, 8.1 ...
    2018年10月29日 ... If you get the error message Unable to connect to proxy server in your Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system then you will learn exactly what is the cause of this issue and also how to fix it in the shortest time possible ...
  7. Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server - Tableau
    Configuring Tableau Server on Windows to work with a forward proxy. The steps for .... login page. To view a diagram that describes the 302 authentication sequence, see Tableau Mobile Authentication Sequence in the Tableau Community.
  8. Connection settings in Firefox | How to | Mozilla Support
    2019年9月11日 ... Your organization or Internet service provider may offer or require you to use a proxy. A proxy acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. It intercepts all requests to the Internet to see if it can fulfill the ...
  9. Setting up Charles to Proxy your Android Device - Tealium Learning ...
    This guide covers the steps to set up your Android device to proxy network requests through Charles. ... that you only view traffic from your Android device and not the local machine, go to the Proxy menu and uncheck macOS/Windows proxy.
  10. Setting up the testing environment - ADM Help Centers - Micro Focus
    2019年5月8日 ... In this topic: Configuration 1: Set up NV as a desktop client; Configuration 2: Set up NV as a proxy ... This may occur when testing mobile apps or where the AUT does not operate on a supported Windows or Linux platform.
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