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  1. Windows Mobile 6.1 theme freeware for Windows Mobile Phone.
    Very nice green theme that comes with the new Windows Mobile 6.1 , to install, download the .tsk file and copy it on our device in /My Documents , then go from the start menu to /Settings/Personal/Today/ and select the the new theme to use it .
  2. Pocket PC Help: How to Install .TSK Pocket PC Themes
    These Theme settings are stored in files called .TSK files. Hundreds of Pocket PC Themes are available for download ... Once copied to your Pocket PC's \My Pocket PC\Windows folder, the Theme will be available in the Today Menu (Note: . > ... > General
  3. Ham Radio PocketPC Themes - NØ
    Or, if you have a MyDevice_MyDocuments folder on your desktop, copy the .tsk file there. Then do a sync. Once you have the .tsk file copied to your Pocket PC, click on Start | Settings | Today. There, you can select any theme and click Ok on  ...
  4. Download Windows Mobile 6.5 Designer Themes | Redmond Pie
    Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced back at Mobile World Conference which was held earlier in 2009 and it promises to bring the much needed added functionality to the ... Copy the .tsk (theme file) files to your Windows directory. iii. Select your desired theme from Start->Settings->Personal->Today.
  5. The Very Best Free Software for Windows Mobile Phones ...
    The themes are located in the Windows folder of your Pocket PC and have a .tsk extension. ... it to the Windows folder on your phone then you can change the theme by going to Start -> Settings -> Today.
  6. Windows Mobile Guide - Champion Instruments
    Table of Contents. Introduction to Windows Mobile and HTC . ...... Windows Mobile allows for multiple alarms, not associated with a calendar or task event. These can be used for ... These are applied if you aren't using touchflo3d, titanium or another today screen replacement – more about these ..... [http://www. ...
  7. Windows Mobile 用フリーテーマ をtodayテーマに設定できない - 質問!ITmedia
    マイクロソフトのWindows Mobile 用フリーテーマをオーナー登録して、PCに ダウンロードし、microSDに保存し、アドエスで実行し ... Windows Mobile 用フリー テーマtodayテーマに設定できない ... ちなみにテーマは Hearts_wvga.tskです。 > ... > WILLCOM
  8. Get Wall Clock HD - Microsoft Store
    Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1. See screenshots, read the ... This app includes a live tile with current time and date. I hope you enjoy this app!
  9. 【あどえす】テーマファイルにWVGAの壁紙とかを ... - I live until I die.
    【あどえす】テーマファイルにWVGAの壁紙とかをねじ込む「テ~マ リプレ~サ」. なんか、 また ... Windows Mobileにも、普通のWindowsと同じように、 壁紙と配色設定 ... まず、 「テ~マライト」で普通にテーマファイル(.tsk)を作成。 WVGAの壁紙 ...
  10. Programming Windows Mobile 5.0 Applications Using the .NET ...
    Microsoft's release of Visual Studio 2005 makes developing Windows Mobile applications much easier. Using Visual Studio .... In the past, integrating your application with the built-in camera on your device was not an easy task. In Windows ...
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