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  1. Windows システム評価ツール - Wikipedia
    Windows システム評価ツール(ウインドウズ システムひょうかツール、Windows System Assessment Tool, WinSAT)とは、Windows Vista、Windows 7、Windows 8 (8.1含む)およびWindows 10に搭載されている、システムの性能のチェックを行い、その 結果 ...システム評価ツール
  2. Windows System Assessment Tool - Wikipedia
    The Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) is a module of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 that is available in the Control Panel under Performance Information and Tools It measures various ...
  3. Using WinSAT - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs
    You can use the Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) API to initiate formal and ad hoc assessments of the computer's hardware configuration, retrieve the base score for the computer and scores for each ...
  4. Winsat | Microsoft Docs
    winsat assesses various features, capabilities, and attributes of a computer running Windows Vista®. Syntax. Copy. winsat <assessment name> < ... > ... > Command-Line Reference
  5. The Windows Winsat command - gHacks Tech News
    Winsat, or Windows System Assessment Tool, is a Windows program that benchmarks various components of machines when run. The main file that is run to benchmark the device is winsat.exe, and you find the executable ... > Home > Windows
  6. What is WinSAT.exe? -
    The Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) is a module of Windows operating system and is found in the control panel. Its purpose is to evaluate the. > Home > How To's
  7. winsat.exe Windows process - What is it? -
    Winsat.exe is a Windows core system file. It is a Microsoft signed file. The program has no visible window. Therefore the technical security rating is 2% dangerous. Recommended: Identify winsat.
  8. What is WinSAT Command in Windows - Next of Windows
    WinSAT, short for Windows System Assessment Tool, is a Windows built-in command line tool that benchmarks various components of a Windows PC. It was first introduced in Windows Vista and is included on with any new ...
  9. Windows 10 Performance Index of System and CPU with WinSat.exe
    If you still want to determine the performance of your own PC, then you can run this with existing ...
  10. How to Check Your Windows Experience Score on Windows 10
    2019年12月10日 ... Run WinSAT to Generate Windows Experience Index. The Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) remains tucked away in Windows 10. You can use WinSAT to generate a Windows Experience Index for your processor, ... > ... > Windows
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