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x64 ddk HalGetBusData で検索した結果 1~10件目 / 約182件 - 0.21秒


  1. HAL Version 3.10 Exports - Geoff Chappell, Software Analyst
    Another way that this dating is almost unavoidably inexact is that a DDK's documentation may be dated to one year, e.g., 2000, but its headers ... x64 support as macro in terms of kernel export KeAcquireSpinLockRaiseToDpc.
  2. PCI デバイスコンフィグレーション空間へのアクセス方法 - MSDN Blogs
    日本マイクロソフト株式会社の DDK/WDK サポートチームの blog です。 ... 上記 ドキュメントにも記載がありますが、 HalGetBusData などの HAL API は、廃止されて おりますので、ご利用 ... なお、以下は DELL OPTIPLEX 745 で Windows 7 x64 を 使用した場合の例であるため、環境によって表示は異なる可能性があります。
  3. Japan WDK Support Blog – Page 9 – 日本マイクロソフト株式会社の ...
    日本マイクロソフト株式会社の DDK/WDK サポートチームの blog です。 ... HalGetBusData The HalGetBusData routine is… September 24, 2012..
  4. DDK/WDM developing problem ... driver won't load on x64 windows ...
    So, to summarize everything: You need to build for the corect architecture (x64 for Intel/AMD CPUs). You MUST sign your driver. You must do this even in test mode with a self signed certificate. There is no alternative.
  5. wdm.h - CodeMachine
    ... #if _MSC_VER < 1300 #error Compiler version not supported by Windows DDK #endif #endif // RC_INVOKED #define NT_INCLUDED #define ... WIN64 #if defined(_M_IA64) && !defined(_NTHAL_) // // Define Address of Processor Control Registers. ...... for any PCI device by calling: // // ULONG // HalGetBusData ( // __in BUS_DATA_TYPE PCIConfiguration, // __in ULONG PciBusNumber, // __in ...
  6. ntddk.h - CodeMachine
    ... RC_INVOKED #if _MSC_VER < 1300 #error Compiler version not supported by Windows DDK #endif #endif // RC_INVOKED #define NT_INCLUDED #define ...... volatile ULONGLONG InterruptTimeBias; // // Current 64-bit performance counter bias, in processor cycles. ...... NTHALAPI ULONG HalGetBusData ( _In_ BUS_DATA_TYPE BusDataType, _In_ ULONG BusNumber, _In_ ULONG SlotNumber, ...
  7. 64-bit Device Driver Development | McDermott Cybersecurity
    This article is intended to be a “quickstart” guide for building, loading, and debugging a simple device driver for a 64-bit Windows 7 system. Basic familiarity with device driver development and kernel debugging is assumed.
  8. Книга: Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers -
    ... be able to make. Of more importance, I have not yet found out what happens to device drivers in Win64 systems. ... That is, the Windows 98 Driver Development Kit (DDK) is used when building drivers for Windows 98, and the W2000 DDK for W2000. If you use ...... The HalGetBusData and HalGetBusDataByOffset calls can be made to retrieve configuration data for one slot of a specified bus ...
  9. Full text of "Microsoft Windows NT Documentation" - Internet Archive
    That driver can then be compiled by using the Windows NT Device Driver Kit ( DDK) to support any of the processor archi¬ tectures that Windows NT supports. ...... NT V5 supports Very Large Memory (VLM) systems by using 64-bit pointers, but only takes advantage of three additional bits. Three extra bits will ...... Drivers call HalGetBusData for each slot on each bus on which their device is ...
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