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  1. NX bit - Wikipedia
    The NX bit (no-execute) is a technology used in CPUs to segregate areas of memory for use by either storage of processor instructions (code) or for storage of data, a feature normally only found in Harvard architecture processors. ... Intel markets the feature as the XD bit (execute disable). ... There was no 'Executable' flag in the page table entry (page descriptor) in those ...
  2. What is NX/XD feature ? - Red Hat Customer Portal
    2019年2月28日 ... To check whether or not the CPU supports the nx feature, check /proc/cpuinfo for the nx flag: Raw ... Although we do not recommend you disable NX/XD, it is possible to explicitly enable or disable the feature using the noexec ...
  3. Flag hidden text on Export – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests ...
    When exporting (to PDF, PNG, anything) scan to see if any text is hidden inside text boxes (of the artboards that are being exported) and warn the user that there is some hidden text. Just of the artboards or assets that are ...
  4. Change CPU Identification Mask Settings in the vSphere Web Client
    Masking or hiding CPU features can make a virtual machine widely available to ESXi hosts for migration. vCenter Server ... Hiding the NX/XD flag increases vMotion compatibility between hosts, but might disable certain CPU security features.
  5. NX/XD » Welcome to vSphere-land!
    The NX/XD bit is a CPU feature called Never eXecute, hence the NX name. What the NX bit does is enable the ability to mark certain areas of memory as non- executable with a flag. When this happens the processor will then refuse to execute ...
  6. How to enable NX or XD flag bit in BIOS to install Windows 8 RP
    Your CPU does not support NX/XD flag. This is modern feature introduced in newer versions of the CPU and may not be available in old versions of the CPUs. If you have an old computer, your CPU may not have this feature.
  7. Feature FlagsFeature Flags, Toggles, Controls
    Feature flags/toggles/controls are a software development best practice of gating functionality, used by companies like Google and Facebook. Functionality can be deployed “off”, then turned on via the feature flag, separate from deployment.
  8. Indicate layer has plugin data applied to it - Feature Requests ...
    2019年3月9日 ... Adobe XD Plugin Developers. Indicate layer has plugin data applied to it · API Feedback · Feature Requests · Velara March 9, 2019, ... Any flag or label in the general XD UI won't be likely added. If you are thinking about ... > ... > Feature Requests
  9. Bobby's features - NEW! - XD Design
    2019年3月22日 ... In our previous post about Bobby's features, we guided you through a feature-list of 5 Bobby backpacks. Bobby Original, Bobby Compact, Bobby Bizz, Bobby Urban and Bobby Urban Lite. In the meanwhile the Bobby family ...
  10. Bobby Original Anti-Theft backpack, Red - XD Design
    Key Features: • Hidden Zippers & Pockets • Cut resistant • Integrated USB charging port • Optimal Weight balance • Water repellent fabric • Illuminating safety stripes • Shock-proof compartments • Fits a 9.7" Tablet (tablet compartment )
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